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16 Tracks
Woke up to die
Peak in sub-genre #99
blaze on
Peak in sub-genre #32
My guts go boom 27 times a day!
Drfty guy
Peak in sub-genre #20
I want it, you need it
Just one guy trying to make a sound that people nod will some day heads to, maybe when he dies but if some thing in the future does then it was all worth it! If nobody ever nods, I will still be dead and still had fun attempting all this mess...lol Peace out! TAMMRON (since 1999)
Band/artist history
TAMMRON began a life starting in 1999 at a internet rap site named www.rapmusic.com From there after acumeulating a winning rap battle record, becoming well known helping kids learn how to post their own songs play on the site, not to mention helping create a written Rap battle League knows as the RBL, did TAMM leave the internet site sceen and focused on real life learnings in 2002. The 9-11 tragity affected TAMM in a way that drew him closer to his family and music turned hoby once again. That was the greatest thing for TAMMs music, as it gave him time to build what some call the, "The TIGHTEST Recording Studio Ever Seen!!" With real life wall mic plug in for up to seven to play live including a seperate inclosed drum room and enclosed vocal room. All having their own volume controls ands video moniters to adjust to their own liking and aren't missing out on action. Needless say it took a year to build. 2005 brought a strange happening. TAMMRON lost his father and gained a son all in one day. His father was cremated and his son was created by Invetroly in a test tube. Which was also his wifes Birthday, 11-17 From that day forward TAMM has been writing and writing and writing...is that how you even spell writing...cause written has 2 t's...hummmm...well he has been putting pen to paper old school way and has been collecting the experience and is once again coming to produce more music like never before heard.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
All the music is produced from live instraments and recorded in a Professional Home Studio, while on Medical Marijuana, prescribed by a California licenced MD Doctor for crohns disease!
Your musical influences
What equipment do you use?
Mac G4-PowerBook/22 moniter, PC/2-15''moniters, TC Helicon Vocal EFX, DBX stereo compressor, Korg Triton Pioneer CD Scratcher, Alesis AirFX, Gemini XL 500 II, Pro Tools Digi 002, 24 track Yamaha Studio Mixer, Alesis MI Active Monitors, Bose 8" in wall Speakers, Line 6 for bass and guitar, Ibanez Guitar and Bass, Professionaly Hand made Accustic made of rare wood, Sony Tape Deck, Sony CD/DVD Player, Korg Digital 8 Recorder, Sure Drum Mics, 3 Blue baby bottle Vocal mics, countless other mics for live shows, Peavy bass amp, Beringer head phone amp, Nady Processor, Gemini EQ, V3000 amp, 2 Casio SA-8 mini keyboards
Anything else?
I also record videos on YouTube.com under the name TAMMpON as a comedian musician!
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