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Venomous Records
Venomous Records
4 Tracks
Terrorist Underground's Record Label based in New Jersey.
Up in da hood Freestyle
Where U From
What U Talkin Bout
Venomous Records is Terrorist Underground's Independent Record Label based in New Jersey. With Many New Artist plus The Famous Four eveybody already knows, J.O., AceKilla, Souless, and CYB. Now TU is back ready for the rap game. Under their new management , SaVonn Management, T-U is headed in the right direction.
Band/artist history
T.U. Aka Terrorist Underground T.U. is the abbreviated version for Terrorist Underground, which is the original group name. The first original members of the group were Souless, J.O., and AceKilla. When we came up with the name Terrorist Underground, we were in the studio coming up with a list of names for the group. Around this time people were still mad about 9-11. We all figured since we had to be known as underground artist first, we could use that as an advantage. Souless came up with a name that was so controversial and with a non-chalant attitude, as to how people would react, we just had to keep it. With a name like Terrorist Underground we knew exactly what kind of music we would bring to the plate, the best. In December of 2001, Terrorist Underground recorded its first track titled Stomp A Hoe and other tracks as well. Which led to the attention of CYB. In October of 2003, Souless introduced CYB as the newest member of Terrorist Underground. Since that time CYB has brought his experience, from him being in the rap game for 10 years, to help Terrorist Underground to be as controversial as it already is. With all the members putting time and work into the group it has made everyone better at what they do. J.O., brings a new kind of energy to the rap game with his new concept of music, mixing street and commercial together. In his producing he brings a new feel plus the gangsta music for the hood and commercial for the ladies and the clubs. J.O. has a tendency to change up his flow in songs depending on what the topic is. Souless, is the inforcer of the group. With his back round and quick thinking, can bring fire to any track and any beat. With a fast paced mind, Souless has the ability to freestyle off the top of his head and make it sound like a written verse. His concept for tracks and choruses are unique and catchie. AceKilla, is the assassin of the group. With his quick fire delivery and naturally raw flow, AceKilla is known as a rapper bred for hip-hop. He also can form thought provoking and realistic songs to show his versatility. Those reasons alone show why AceKilla is such a dangerous and important member of T.U. CYB, is the most laid back and versatile one of the group. He has the ability to go from something gangsta to something soft for the ladies. CYB brings to the table the street side of things and still remains to be himself. He also provides a business aspect for the group because of being in the rap game for 10 years. T.U. is what they go by and there ready for anything thats going to put them at the top. These guys are being seriouly being looked at by major companies.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Norristown, Philly, New York
Your musical influences
Biggie, Tupac, Ruff Ryders, D-Block, G-Unit, Dipset. Aftermath, Shady
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