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R&B/Soul Vocalist Siraaj

Real R&B at it's finest!
Destined Muzik Presents: R&B/Soul vocalist Siraaj CD: "Life, Luxury &Loss"
Band/artist history
Male Urban R&B/Soul artist/songwriter Siraaj is a classically trained vocalist, a seasoned songwriter and energetic performer. Siraaj's first successes came as a member of the R&B Group ADORE. He has rubbed shoulders with some of the worlds most recognizable talents: Destiny's Child, Carl Thomas, 504 Boyz and many others. After leading the group to victory on stage at the world famous Apollo Theatre, Siraaj suffered a crushing blow when the group announced a breakup due to irreconcilable creative differences. Siraaj set out on his own and has developed a distinct style of production and vocal presentation. Siraaj's drive and ambition has put him a cut above other artist in that he has produced, written and arranged two solo albums in two years. The latest CD "Life, Luxury & Loss" being the most cutting edge and gaining widespread mainstream acceptance. Siraaj has performed at many venues and has increased his bottom line dramatically since his departure from the group. He has been added to Noteborn Music's (liscensing company) roster of artists and is currently having his music presented to major TV networks and movie makers. He has also been selected to appear on Trple F Unlimited's unsigned mixtape. The unsigned mixtape series as a whole reaches over 60,000 people worldwide, thirty thousand 30,000 via traditional CDs and over 20,000 people via podcast each and every month. In 2006, 5 entertainers from the mixtape closed deals with major record labels after appearing on the mixtape series. The labels that signed these entertainers were Warner Brothers, Sony and Def Jam. Reaching 29 states and 23 countries, It is viewed by close to two hundred thousand people collectively via the various websites it appears on. Siraaj is leaving no stone unturned in his quest for superstardom. His CD "Life, Luxury & Loss" will be available for purchase March 2007. The lead single "Jump On It" Is being requested by DJ's from Chicago, IL USA to Germany and is an example of the high caliber of artist Siraaj has been molded into.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, everywhere. I love doing live shows because i am not just a vocalist, I am a performer.
Your musical influences
Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, Carl Thomas, Boyz II Men, Sade, to name a few
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