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Ma' Duro Productionz
Ma' Duro Productionz
57 Tracks
Producing Hits For The South & The World
Interested in Buying a Beat ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALL BEATS ARE COPYRIGHTED *Cash & Credit Card Only* (No Beat will be released until fully paid) *SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY* ---------------------------------------------------- Leasing Rights ($50 and up): -------------------------------------------------------- This allows you to use a beat/track from me for one non-profitable purpose either a (website, radio play, live show, demo-tape, etc.) As the producer I still own the full rights to the beat/track and have full control over it. If you buy with this option, the beat/track will not be taken off the availabilty list and more artist can continue to buy this track with any of the two purchasing rights. --------------------------------------------------------- Exclusive Rights ($500 and up)[+1 point if used as Single][Major Label $2000 flat rate ] ------------------------------------------------------------------ Custom Beats ($1000 and up) [+1.5 points if used as Single][Major Label $2500 flat rate ]: --------------------------------------------------------- Purchasing with this option entitles you to use it for any and all commercial purposes, you will own full rights to the track. If you buy with this option, the track will no longer be available for either a lease, license or exclusive purchase by anyone there after and will be removed from the site. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prices are determined by the work or how good the track is. ---------------------------------------------------------- I do ask that you please give credit to the producer (**Noli**) (**MDP**)on all tracks purchased. (Verbally & in Documentation) Email: KAMINOTA@hotmail.com Myspace: www.myspace.com/mdpcrew If your an A&R contact me Mas Duro Productionz .... Solo Negocio Inc. ....LG MUSIC. We bring you Mas Duro Productions. We have worked so hard since 2001 to bring Reggaeton and Rap en Espanol to the people who enjoy it. We are not new this game. And we are not old. We are just right to bring people what they need. Good music. My name is Noli. I write for the ladies. It's all I do as a singer ,songwriter and producer. Wizo is my partner in crime ...we have been together for years and will not stop till we have made some type of advancement with the music. And end up in La Republica Dominicana living out our old ages. LG is a young producer with a unique talent who can do amazing things with a keyboard .Representing Puerto Rico, he is the future of music in general. Because it is his God given talent. God Bless you, LG.
Band/artist history
To make a long story short, we were part of a group called Ilusion Profetic which about a year ago split up because of a few problems among the members...it was a great experience and it made us who we are today, more open minded, hard workers and most important of all more talented then we were a few years ago.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Well, we have before and hopefully with this new material we'll get back on track and start looking for shows...we played at different clubs..and yes we like it
Your musical influences
Too many to mention...but I can name a few that really made a big impact in our lives..Vico C, El General, Wiso-G, Magic One, and all the Playero Mixtapes and Dj negro and Dj Nelson. Almost ever damn song ever put out by the Jacksons, All the R&B from the 50's to the Present. Basicly all the good Black people music that may or my not have been stolen by White people....LOL Bob Marley.....Man Merengue and you know Bachata ...Dominican Republic Baby. All the old salsa singers I heard as a baby. Basicly any one who has ever made a great song in english and spanish.
What equipment do you use?
Motif 6, Reasons, Pro Tools and Frutiy loops and we are looking to move up pretty soon to an Akai mpc, and maybe another sound module...but the truth is no matter if you spend a dollar or 1000 dollars ... it's up to the user to make a hit.
Anything else?
We are currently working on a mixtape album somehting to see what local people that have always followed our music think of it and maybe move it around to a few other cities.
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