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(Laughing) Gravy
(Laughing) Gravy
2 Top 100
6 Tracks
World Ain't Flat
Peak position #97
Vigilante Blues
Peak in sub-genre #32
Milk That Cow
Peak in sub-genre #21
Charles White's Blues
Peak in sub-genre #25
"Pigeonhole (Laughing) Gravy and you may as well try to catch a rooster with one hand tied behind your back.." - Alex Sebright "..brilliantly anarchic, totally unexpected and universally entertaining.." - Blueprint "..Think Nick Cave or Tom Waits in session with the Alex Harvey Band, or Leonard Cohen getting down with the White Stripes and you get some idea of the extraordinary sound this quartet make.." - Big Issue "..Their eccentric mix of musical theatre takes in hokum, rogue jazz, country ballad, dance,bluegrass and blues rock.. they sound quite unlike anything you've heard before.." - Maxmag
Band/artist history
1996:Mr.Bones and Mr.Beam start touring throughout Britain as professional street musicians. 1988 - 1992:Mr Bones flexes his songwriting skills; Mr Beam masters the art of Arrangement. The duo record dozens of demos, and arouse interest with Virgin records.1993 - 97 - Continue to develop Street Show. Mr Beam moonlights with other artistes. 1997: Record first CD 'Getting Ready For That Great Day'. Extend street performances to various other parts of Europe. 1998: Joined by 'Brother Abel Beam' who is given an extended sabbatical by the Abbot for research purposes. Invited to feature on Richard Littlejohn's Radio 5 live show in Covent Gardens First meet with 'Dank' when he sessions on the 'Beulah Land' Album, five days before flying off to work in Nashville. Upon Dank's return the boys head for Dublin where they cause a riot playing in Temple Bar. Voted 'Best Streetband in Britain' by The Big Issue and 'Beulah Land' receives a 5 star review in 'Blueprint' magazine. The legendary 'Alphonse Beauregard' joins the band as Brother Abel's sabbatical comes to an end. (The band would like to take this opportunity to thank the Abbot for entrusting Brother Abel to their care). Sell out tour of France. Release 'Road Movies' CD on the Amphonic label. Play for BBC Children in need and the Edinburgh fringe festival. Headline BBC Music Live Festival (broadcast on the Dr Rock Show) and take their act and growing cult following indoors. Interviews on several local radio shows.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes - anywhere. We love it. Too many special moments to list here...
Your musical influences
The Band, Tom Waits, Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed
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