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Untouchable Niggaz
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Po' Da Lean
New shit fo' all my syurp sippaz out der...Ellis Boyz comin' SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!! Po' da lean ni99a!!!
Gettin' Buck feat. Lil' G
NEW SHIT!!! That Ellis Boyz CD gon be FIRE!! Get a cup of Hen and get buck to dis my nigz!! Whutup Lil' G!!
Dis Is VA
VA STAND DA F*CK UP!!! I had to hit ya'll off wit dis jant... If you from VA, you gon f*** wit dis HARD!! ELLIS BOYZ CD COMIN' REAL SOON!!!
K'll Make You Drop (F*ck Dem Franchise Boyz)
NEW SHIT!!! My ni99a Black Boy laid dis junt down after gettin' into wit Dem Franchise Boyz down in da A...let me find out dem n***z be hatin' on our nig!!
Talez From Da Rich
NEW SHIT!!! Mayne Ellis Boyz takin' ova muthaf*ckaz!! THIS SH*T IS HARD!!!
TO ALL THE FANS: The Ellis Boyz have nuffin but love for all of ya'll!! If it wont for ya'll, we wouldnt be doin dis shit...I've been very, very busy workin on gettin The Ellis Boyz shit straight, keep the fan mail comin'!! Ima get back at all of ya'll when im free. Thankz!!! -Softee P.S. Stop askin' me about the fuckin' U.N., thats over and done... NOTICE: The U.N. is OVER!! Due to niggaz actin' like straight BITCHES, The U.N. has come to a end...but dont worry, The Ellis Boyz is gon hold it down!!! We gon keep some of the old U.N. songs on dis site that the people like but we gon be hittin ya'll off wit dat Ellis Boyz shit all day!! Shout out to all the REAL niggaz and to all the haters...FUCK YOU!!! SUCK A DICK AND DIE, FAGGOTS!! One more thing...Before you even THINK of stealin' our shit, make sure you have a EXCELLENT lawyer and a fuckin' army!! BITING CAN LEAD TO LAWSUITS AND BRUTAL ASS WHOOPINZ!! UPDATE!!!: Ellis Boyz SCREWED AND CHOPPED NOW AVAILABLE!!! I CAN SCREW AND CHOP YOUR CD TOO!!! HOLLA AT ME FOR DETAILS... -Softee ANOTHER UPDATE!!!: The Ellis Boyz (Softee, Drastik, and Yung Tez) will be releasing the album "Family Ties" at the begining of 2006...be on da look out for the single "Talez Frum Da Rich"...certified banga, nigga!!
Band/artist history
U.N. was first founded in 2001 by Softee, Murk 1, and Kyle (WHUDUP KYLE!!) runnin' the halls of Thomas Jefferson High School. They had went through tons of members until they decided to create a rap group of the same name. Murk 1 recuited Bout It and Young Ease from the West End, while Softee recruited Drastik and Jesse James from the Northside (NORTH NORTH NIGGA!!). They released the CD "Richtown: The Album" in the spring of 2003 and it instantly became a underground hit. During the success of "Richtown: The Album"; Murk 1, Bout It and Ease formed UTB (Up Top Boyz) and released a equally successful self-intitled album. Drastik and ex U.N. member Young Rob formed the group DILLIGAF (Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck) and released the album "Restless Life In The City", which immediately developed a strong following. After goin' thru a falling out, they decided to squash da bullshit and record the best album they've ever recorded. Along the way, they recruited Eyerac (punchlines are crazy, nigga!!) and several members of Y.I. (Young Immortalz). U.N. started off as just a named and turned into a movement. They started from 3 members to 150 plus U.N., UTB, DILLIGAF, and Y.I. soldiers across Richmond, Virginia and its steady growing...They tell niggas all the time, "dont only be concerned with just the niggas that rap, you should be more concerned about the niggas around us that DON'T rap...CLICK, CLACK, POW!!!" Thats real... But now, U.N. is gone, Ellis Boyz is holdin down Richtown to da fullest!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We still in our early stages but a few clubs tryin holla...wit no radio play.
Your musical influences
Three 6 Mafia, G-Unit, Swisha House, Bone Thugs, The Neptunes, T.I., Wu Tang (We deep as a bitch!!), scary movie scores, Danny Elfman, Philip Glass, ect...
What equipment do you use?
Family Secret...
Anything else?
We bout to take over Richmond...you've been warned. Pussy niggaz run and hide!! We got soldiers all across this city we call Richtown and any one of um would be more than happy to put a cap in yo ass...Nuff' said!!! Oh yeah, hit up The Ellis Boyz on our official My Space webpage www.MySpace.com/EllisBoyz
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