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Beppe Capozza
Beppe Capozza
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B.Capozza & F.Neder - Desde que o samba es samba
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Lamento Sertanejo (2014)
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Poema de amor (2014)
Desafinado (2014)
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Plaza Nueva (Beppe Capozza)
I'm a professional guitar player, living in Roma (Italy), and workin' here, all over Europe and in most countries abroad, as soloist player, session man, arranger, music consultant etc....My favourite instrument is classical and acoustic guitar, though I usually play electric and jazz guitar also. I writed, played and arranged my own CD's in duo,trio and quartet groups. I like to mix and explorate such different styles, going from jazz, blues,bossa nova, world and classical music, reaching the middle-east melodies (as in my CD called "KERMANSHAH" recorded with the iranian virtuoso Siamak Guran, playing there acoustic guitar together with traditional kurdian instruments. In other Cd's I felt the groovy influence of Spanish, Flamenco and Mediterranean music. Lately (2010-11) I colaborated wirh Iranian musicians as Reza Moshenipour (Tar, Setar) and Hamid Moshenipour (Flute, Tombak) creating the "Cont-anima-zione Enamble" featuring on percussions, electronics devices and production the italian musician Fulvio Maras. The music of the Ensamble keep the melodies and atmospheres of Iranian music mixed up with jazz and world influences. I play also jazz standards and re-arrangements of classics in jazzy key. I worked around all over the world (Italy, Spain. Potugal, England, Holland, Ireland, Poland, U.S.A., Brasil etc...) meeting all influences I could, and trying ever to put such emotions in what I play. I love music, that's my life!!!! Here's the list of my own CDs, all arranged and composed by myself: "Travelling New Age"(Fonit 1990)- "Viento de Algeciras"(Raitrade 1998) - "Round Circle"(Pentaflowers Jazz 1999) - "Kermanshah"(MAP Mediterranea 2001) - "Slow Dance"(2002) - "November"(2003) - "Mezquita Forest" with Fulvio Maras (Beat Records" 2011)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I use to play around in jazz clubs, Festivals, special occasions....even I played on the road, and still I love to do it, if the case occurs....
Your musical influences
Blues, jazz, world music, brazilian bossa-nova and Pernambuco traditional music.... all good music is important for a good musician!
What equipment do you use?
I actually use Larrivée acoustic, Ovation Classic, Gibson "Chet Atkins" Classic, through Trace Acoustic Amps and Roland AD-5, AD-8 Pre-Amps. Also I use, when playing jazz mostly, a Gibson 175 D hollow body, through a mixed line up Marshall/Fender tube Amps. I use also Rivera Stereo Guitar Amp (250wx2), with P.R.S. handcrafted guitars and Gibson 335 dot (1983), mostly on stage and big open air concerts.
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