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Deadication Of Sufacation
Deadication Of Sufacation
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Hardcore metal goodness.With positive lyrics :)
I'm just a one man band dude, who likes to play hardcore.
Band/artist history
In 2002, he decided to start make music, So, he did, he started off putting samples together with programs such as "Hip Hop Ejay 2" and "Dance 5 Ejay" His first artist names were "Bman","MK47" and "DJ Brawhl", He's was great at making instrumentals with those programs, then a year later he realized. He wanted to more musical stuff. So, he started adding his vocals, his first single with his vocals is "Never Stop Running", didn't really turn out as he thought it would be, but that didn't stop him. He kept on going and going. A year later, He started playing guitar and he was still using samples, So, the songs he made back then were half samples and and half Acoustic guitar. Later that year, He started doing only acoustic recordings and songs, and he started liking it.But he didn't keep "MK47" name because back then he had a band called that but they split but he thought they shared the same name. So, Kevin got to thinking, he had two names in mind "Deadication Of Suffering" Or "Deadication Of Sufacation" and after amount of time he chose "Deadication Of Sufacation" and here he is now. Later on, DOS went on http://www.Icompositions.com and one day he met a guy Named "Boydy" They started a band together with some other people called "Evluation Failure" but that didn't work out because the other people in band weren't on very often. Later on, Boydy and DOS started a band Called 'The Tally Ho". They made songs together but they kind of stoped now. But they still good friends but there make songs together some day. Around Christmas 05', Kevin decided to start his own indie label, he signed a few bands, but it got complicated for him. So he shutted it down and decided to get signed by a label. A month later Kevin joined a band called "Black Ink" but things didn't work. Then Kevin became good friends with solo artist "DC" and they started a band called "Shape-Shifters". But then they found out that name was tooken so they made the band "Yesterdays Tears" They made one track called "My Last Days". Sadly the band broke up because Kevin and the other band mate didn't have the same styles of music. As for time being Kevin is hoping to get signed by a decent record label. Deadication Of Sufacation is: Kevin- Vocals/guitar
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I hope to play live, and I'll hope I'll like it.
Your musical influences
Bring Me The Horizon,Architects, ALl Hardcore UK metal bands.
Anything else?
Motto: Working hard gets you somewhere and slacknig off gets you nowhere