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Studio X Products
Studio X Products
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Southwest flavoring giving freaks a leak in between the sheets...
Studio X Productions is Northern AZ fastest growing in Hip Hop...Studio X has worked with Northern AZ's illest MC's and R&B singers and is founder and representive to the Terrorzone Movement...
Band/artist history
Studio X Productions has Northern Arizona's Hip-Hop scene on lock down. Here at Studio X we pride ourselves on working with the illest artists and R&B singers the terrorzone has to offer. Studio X is Northern Arizona's fastest growing in the Hip Hop Industry and is curently expanding to mutiple parts of the Southwest. Studio X oficially started in 2001 by Project X and has become a force in the Northern region that not only produces, promotes and achieves the highest quality here in the Southwest, but also helped tap the market and introduce the pure talent that has been lingering in our part of the Southwest. Studio X Productions started a buzz with the release of Project X's 2001 ep-demo "fromtheunderground" which went on to sell all over the northern region. Studio X has gone on to work with a majority of hip hop artist and R&B singers in the region such as Yaiva, Mr.. Meelo, Mowess, Jaynez, Dozer, DV8, Stonebreaker, Posse, Young G, Raskull, The Forcer Crew, D-boy, Mr. Icky, Iron Eagle and the list goes on. Studio X has done most of 4th World Entertainment's recording on the "Straight Heat" "Limited Edition" along with all the recordings of Studio X's Artist. Yaiva's "Countin Coop" which was recorded at Studio X went onto get Radio play on over 56 native radio stations.Studio X's recordings have gone onto get radio play across the southwest and with new singles such as "As We Elavate", "The Place I Call Home" and "Sounds of the AZ - Remix" the "Southwest Fusion" album is creating a fusion with different creative minds from all walks of life from Hispanics, Natives, Somians, Anglos and Blacks.. Studio X Productions invites you to become a part of the Terror Zone Movement by supporting the Studio X family and all of our associates. We will keep you posted on albums with in our network for reviews and release dates.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live through out AZ, NM, and we are currently working on setting up shows in UT and we are recieving a few offer SD...Its my form stress relief and I wouldn't give up for no one.
Your musical influences
I got tons of musical influences but my main focuss was 2pac, Spm, Dr. Dre, Kid Frost, E-40, Old Dirty Bastard, and etc.....
Anything else?
I got something for all you haters...I hear tons of false statements being made about helping me come up and all kinds of bulls#!t when you haters sat back and beat up your girls and was worried about everyone else when we were in the Studio cranking out Audio Poetry....Keep your heads in the clouds and keep dreaming I wish the best to all of guys...and to you fakers claiming we jacked you...We know who made those songs and who bought the legal rights for it...You need stop before you get hurt....Ok