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Bridges of Space
Bridges of Space
16 Tracks
Psychadelic sound to quiet the mind and question our reality.
The Worst Day of the Year
Peak in sub-genre #92
One Hand Clapping
Peak in sub-genre #21
Radio Hypnosis
Peak in sub-genre #66
Don't Cry
Peak in sub-genre #20
Sunday Morning
Peak in sub-genre #13
A new era of Bridges of Space is at hand. After having a paranormal experience involving contact with Egyptian gods, I have decided to take on creating another body of work in an attempt to recreate the encounter meditatively. Be prepared for music far more profound and enveloping because I wouldn't make it if i didn't feel that it encompassed the magnitude of my experience. Listen out for "Beckonings from Egypt" around mid-summer. If you wish to discuss music, psychology, philosophy, or anything, my ICQ number is 96319008, or you can post on my message board. Contact me if you like the music!
Band/artist history
I wanted to make a CD of psychadelic sound that would be good at creating images within the mind. I think I have acheived that with "Al's Psychadelic Dream". But now I msut take the next step and try to create a more vivid picture of my mind using the experience I gained from making "Psychadelic Dream" as well as my other band Cloud Machine's demo.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
All of my original music was improvised, so to play it live would change it completely. It would be cool though.I plan on trying it someday when I find a group of musicians fit for the challenge.
Your musical influences
These songs are influenced by the limitless possibilities of the mind.
What equipment do you use?
I use an electric guitar with a LOT of effects and layering. I also use whatever I need to mimic the sound in my head. i.e: pots and pans, mandolins,acoustic guitar, pottery dishes, and lots more.
Anything else?
Raider of the Lost Art are the future of hip hop. CHECK IT OUT ON SOUNDCLICK!!! All these songs are off of my CD aptly titled "Al's Psychadelic Dream" Try to draw or paint the images that come through your head when listening to the music.
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