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The Nick Jackson Band
The Nick Jackson Band
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Americana guitar country rock tinged with English and celtic folk, with elements of indie rock
The Nick Jackson Band is a vehicle for singer/songwriter Nick Jackson to reach the biggest possible audience. Nick is an established and respected artist based in Bolton, just north of Manchester in the North West of England. He has toured extensively in Germany, Italy, Ireland as well as the UK over the last 15 years.
Band/artist history
THE NICK JACKSON BAND Background The Nick Jackson band was forged out of the smouldering ashes of the acclaimed 80s/90s Manchester band MIRRORS OVER KIEV . Having released two albums and several singles on Manchester labels Imaginary Records, Playtime Records, Run River Records and Meadowland Records (See Discography link). Many former MIRRORS OVER KIEV releases have become rare and valuable classics (Available form the Merchandise link). Co-founder and MIRRORS OVER KIEV frontman and songsmith Nick Jackson eventually sought blessed release from endless European touring and record company and management palaver. While some band personnel explored other projects including writing for stage and Americana band The Good Sons, Nick Jackson deescalated and formed the organic and dynamic NICK JACKSON BAND. Calling on the cohesive and robust rhythm section of John Wilkinson (bass) and brother/ex Mirrors member Ben Jackson (drums/vocals), Nick fashioned a new sound to further develop his earthy & poignant song writing skills. THE NICK JACKSON BAND's first album Miracles was released in 2000 to huge critical acclaim culminating in headline performances at the Edinburgh festivals of 2003/2004. Miracles established the benchmark for future projects and called upon the talents of many fellow musicians from Nick's native Northern town of Bolton. The new album release Secrets calls upon Nick's many recent personal experiences and signposts a newly enthused and virulent Nick Jackson. He has again called upon the talents of many guest musicians including former MIRRORS OVER KIEV band mates, Ben Jackson (drums) and Phil Abram (Guitar/Hammond Organ). THE NICK JACKSON BAND will continue to tour through out 2005 and have planned world domination by late 2006! Watch this space
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, where ever and when ever we can. The size of the band depends on the venue. The band can vary in size from one to five, or even seven
Your musical influences
Dylan, Springstein, Neil Young, The Kinks, the Velvet Underground, The Smiths, early REM, Richard Thompson
What equipment do you use?
Acoustic guitars, Fender Telecaster, Rickenbacker, Aria bass and Ludwig drums
Anything else?
our website is: www.thenickjacksonband.co.uk
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