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HAS band
HAS band
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HAS - is a brazilian composer and multi-instrumentalist. He presents ‘ASCENDER’.
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'H.A.S.' - Heráclito Alencar Sampaio - a brazilian composer, arranger, musician, producer, songwriter, multi-nstrumentalist with his instrumental work "ASCENDER" and other songs(by HAS). He is playing his electric guitar, keyboard, saxophone, flute and other instruments. 'ASCENDER'is a title of a compilation of musical works by Heraclito A. Sampaio, one brazilian composer, arranged, musician multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer. Although himself plays the instruments here he also has invited to other musicians to participate of his unfinished musical works. In the 'ASCENDER' song, for exemple, Heráclito invited to recording it CARLINHOS KARAJÁ and RIQUEZA (Bass and Drums), in the 'THE LIGHT'song he invited to recording to the piano the musician MOISÉS, because Heráclito is not a pianist just arranged although himself has recorded in most of his songs. He is waiting for you and you must listen his songs!. If you like to these songs, please help he promoves them, but if you dont like them so you do the same thing, ok? In an other opportunity more musical works composed and arranged by Heráclito. H.A.S. Heráclito A. Sampaio (BRAZIL /Gurupi-Tocantins / Porangatu-Goiás) e-mails: has4@pop.com.br or heraclito4@hotmail.com / heraclitosampaio@bol.com.br). Bye! God Bless You all!
Band/artist history
Heráclito is a persistent student of music and he considers his point of view important because his objective is consolidated to execute some musical instruments in the area of chord, keyboard and blow because his finality is compose his musical works and so his initiative to be a self-taught musician exist to fill the necessities and difficulties when he composes and he needs to a group with musicians that have engagement with an active musical project. During years Heráclito keept up his musical works on the scores until they have been recorded in his 'home studio' or in other studio. Heráclito has in his mind to record his musical works with all the freedom and the creativity that some of the great studios dont render favorable because generally the great studios are worry about the 'time and money. Heraclito intends to win those barriers because he believes that one of the essential requirements to compose and to record a musical works is record its emotion and its feeling and no only the sound, but to try to record that emotion and feeling that exists when we are assaying or practising in a jam session for exemple, and this feeling must be inserted in the musical works, but unfortunately its a factor almost even left behind by some strictly commercial studios. Heráclito believes that Studios must be used as one laboratories for musical experiments. Heráclito has participated in Music Festival in the States of the Pauí, Goiás, Tocantins and in the Federal District (in Brazil). HAS participated as composer, arranger and freelance musician recording performance on bands of vinyl and CDs of Festival and others musical events. In this opportunity (soundclik site) Heráclito presents the unfinished and unknown instrumental work "ASCENDER, its was composed, elaborated and recorded with a melody and one harmony that ascends independent between themselves. More musical works by 'H.A.S. band' are registered on the score form and they will be presented here as soon as recorded by the invited musicians to add his musical feeling and technical on each musical works by Heráclito. (site over construction).
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do it frequently in my simple home studio or sometimes in some places where there are musical events in the State of Tocantins and Goiás (BRAZIL). "H.A.S..- Its a band music with the participation of Freelance Musicians (Drum, Percussion / Blow: saxophone, flute, harmonica, etc. / Keyboard / Chord: electric and acoustic Bass and Guitars). The musicians (freelance) are invited to add their musical feelings in the basic musical works composed by Heráclito and at the same time is formed H.A.S. band where each musician adds his technical and his musical color. On this site Heráclito presents ASCENDER and he presents it to you understand the intention of his musical works.
Your musical influences
The influences can saying something: NATIONAL INFLUENCES - BRAZIL - (some musical works of): Raul Seixas; Joelho de Porco; Erva Doce; Legião Urbana; Os Mutantes; O Terço; Made in Brazil; 14 Bis; Guilherme Arantes, Nelson Gonçalves, Fagner, Milton Nascimento, Belchior, Zé Ramalho, Luiz Gonzaga, Amandu Costa; and others great brazilians artists. INTERNATIONAL INFLUENCES - OTHER COUNTRIES - (some musical works of): Beatles; Supertramp; Kiss; AC/DC; The Police; Dire Straits; Kraftweark; Man at work; Nazareth; Genesis; Yes; Deep purple; Pink Floyd; Rush; Elton John, John Winston Lennon; and others greats names.
Anything else?
More musical works by HAS BAND will be here. Bye! (has4@pop.com.br / heraclito4@hotmail.com / heraclitosampaio@bol.com.br). "Thank for you visit to this page and thx for you listen to my unfineshed musics."
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