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Lee Harris Five Score
Lee Harris Five Score
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Singer Songwriter One Man Band Country Rock Pop Funk Electronic mess.
August 2001 saw the beginning of this album-Five Score, the "100 Song Album." I started with a notebook of two and a half pages of song titles, and as I wrote and recorded the songs I checked them off in the notebook. My original vision was to have a three CD set of 100 maximum length 2:48 second songs. This has changed, however, and it is a 4 CD set with 25 songs on each disc. I have opted to include a few previoulsy recorded, but at the time homeless songs on the 100 song CD. Those songs are: 1. We Can Linger 2. God is Shaking Up the World (Recorded in Galax) I recorded a few songs written in years past that had never seen the light of day, and recorded songs written in years past that have never been recorded. I also solicited my music-making friends for collaborations and contributions, and their efforts were fantastic. Prabir Mehta of the Rachel Nevadas stepped up to the plate with a song written for the CD, and he played guitar on 2 other songs. Lewis Harris from Pent-Up House and Bucket contributed a fantastic song that I sang over, Menaflower unwittingly contributed an outtake from their new CD, Monty Jones let me cover a song he had already recorded as The Ukulele Hipster Kings, Greg Garner from Music for Viola handed me an unfinished guitar and drum thing he had that I added words and keyboards to, Jenny Jussell sang with me on a few songs, Dave McCormack played guitar, bass, and dobro on a few, Tom McCormack sang one for me, Hunter Boxley played drums on one, Mike McCormack of the Waking Hours contributed a guitar progression I turned into a song, as well as a drum line I did the same thing to. This thing has kept me going over the past six months, and I hope everyone that gets one finds something they like on it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play in bands called The Lee Harris 3, Country Sunshine, and The Hollywood squares
Your musical influences
Beatles, Robyn Hitchcock, Hank Williams, george Clinton
What equipment do you use?
Recorded and mixed entirely on a Fostex VF160 with mics I had lying around. Mastered and edited in Soundforge.
Anything else?
The songs are listen in order - each disc has 25 tracks and most begin and end with an instrumental.
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