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Three Chord Revolution
Three Chord Revolution
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Three Chord Revolution is a four piece band from Newfoundland that will kick your ass!and then fuck you in the ass
Three Chord Revolution is a four piece punk band from Newfoundland and have been playing together for over four years. Three Chord Revolution has played with bands such as Moneen, Choke, Fallen Year and Buried Inside.
Band/artist history
It all started back in February of 2001. boobs (mark hillyard) and tiff (steve tiffany) thought it was about time they started a punk rock band seeing they loved it so very very much. boobs had a guitar, but tiff had nothing. they quickly went to their friend fagner (mike fagner). he had been playin' drums for a little while and he had an old bass he never used. so tiff gave the kind lad a hundred bucks for the bass and amp. they asked fagner if he wanted to play drums in this new punk band. of course he said yes they finally had the punk band they've been looking for. they first jammed on february 26th, 2001 playing covers such as pet cemetary by the ramones, anarcy in the uk by the sex pistols, no cigar by millencolin and so on. the lineup was boobs on guitar and vocals, tiff on bass, and fagner on drums. they realized that the band needed a name. the first name they had was almost punk. they quickly realized how fucking stupid it was and changed it to code red. one day while surfing the net, boobs found a boy band from great britain called code red, so that name had to be changed as well. the final name was the politicians. after a few jams they wrote an origional titled, in the basement, but it sucked so hard they never ever played it again. it definatly could of been a guilty bystanders song. haha. but anyway. so one day the band was talking, and thinking that it would be cool to have a second guitar player in the band. so they went on the hunt for a second guitar player. the only person they could think of was this big fat wooly mamoth that sat in the back of math class called pop-en-fresh (rob winsor). so they asked him if he would and he said ok. the first jam with pop-en-fresh sucked. he didn't know any of the songs we played so he pretty much just sat there, but once he got the hang of the covers it turned out pretty good. the new linup was boobs on vocals and guitar, tiff on bass, fagner on drums, and pop en fresh on guitar. the sound was alot fuller and everyone was happy, except for tiff. he didn't like the big ol' bass anymore. but boobs started to hate singing, so he passed on the vocal position to tiff. then the task came of finding another bass player. that was solved quickly with pop-en-fresh suggesting rickert (adam rickert), a friend of his. he got along great with the band, but he didn't have any gear. but that was ok because tiff just lent him his bass and everything was dandy. the new linup was boobs on gutiar, tiff on vocals, fagner on drums, pop en fresh on guitar, and rickert on bass. after a while tiff was emerged from the band because he wasn't punk enough. haha. so boobs took back over the vocals. they decided that the band needed a name changing seeing tiff came up the politicians, so fagner suggested three chord revolution. and the name stuck. the band did covers like lori meyers and murder the government by nofx, boullion by millencolin, and dead american by lars frederiksen & the Bastards. but covers get so fucking boring after a while, so they decided to writre their own shit as long as doin covers. they wrote 6 origionals and stuck to doing lori meyers and dead american for covers. one jam, tiff, fagner, and boobs were out smoking joints while the band took a break. rickert and pop-en-fresh were fucking around and started playing opinion by nirvana. tiff and boobs and fagner ran in after they were finished and boobs picked up the guitar and started screaming the lyrics. fagner and tiff were quite impressed so the band started playing the cover on a regular basis. on august 15 the time came for three chord revolution to play they're first show. boobs was a nervous fuck, and i dunno about anyone else. they played 6 origionals and 3 covers. it wasn't too bad but it was really really sloppy. after this show the band kind of fell apart. fagners drums were takin' away by the person who owned them, and rickert was kicked out of the band because he was too busy with work and MUN and never had any of his own gear. so this went on for about a month or 2. around october things picked up again. fagners dad bought him drums, and pop en fresh bought a new amp. finally, some good fucking gear. so the band started jamming again on a regular basis. they wrote 4 new songs, but without a bass player. they spent a good 2 months trying to find one. then one day pryor (ryan pryor) messaged boobs on icq wondering if he knew anyone selling a bass amp. boobs said no, but quickly realized that pryor plays bass, and he's damn good! so he asked him to join the band and he was all for it. the new linup not was boobs on vocals and guitar, fagner on drums, pop en fresh on guitar, and pryor on bass. the band played the frosty festival battle of the bands and pissed the fuck out of the lions club. stuipid fuckers. they played another show a few weeks later at calio's, but pryor was sick so they had to wing it with no bass player. luckly, they managed to show jonny c of crooked, and beck of dopamine and crooked, a few songs so they could play at least half of the set with bass. that show went great. and thats about all for the bio. if anything new happens i'll let you know. for know, keep rockin'. ps. dave beck playes bass now for over 2 years! yeah!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play everywhere, all the time, and love playing with bands from away.
Your musical influences
We like bands such as: nofx, pennywise, millencolin, rise against, nirvana, vandals, raised fist, choke, moneen, alexisonfire, propagandhi, bad religion, flogging molly, at the drive-in, anti-flag, lagwagon and good riddance
What equipment do you use?
marshall half stacks, gibson guitars, washburn guitars, ibanez guitars, yamaha drums, gk bass amps, etc.
Anything else?