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70's era KISS, classic 70's rock
Band/artist history
NightWitch was something of a local Detroit, Michigan supergroup. Created in May 2001, with members from Rhythm Jones, Electric Troll, and Wicked S, NightWitch was formed for the purpose of recording a song for an independent movie about KISS fans. The movie's creators asked for original song submissions, inspired by or about KISS, to be included in the soundtrack. NightWitch provided them with a stellar performance of a song called 'The Highway Tonight', which is based on mid-seventies era KISS classics. The movie, however, was never made. The last known details of the movie mentioned the lack of financing. So, for NightWitch, their hopes and dreams of recognition and fame disappeared. NightWitch only wrote one other song, titled 'Son Of The God Of Thunder'. Its rumored to have been taped at a practice, but the tape has never been located. But, now here for the very first time, 'The Highway Tonight' is presented to you for your enjoyment. The founders of NightWitch did not wish to let their efforts be in vain, so they have released the song for everyone to hear. 'The Highway Tonight' was recorded and mixed in five hours in a garage studio in the western suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. NightWitch: Rock: 6 string guitar wizardry Eric: 5 string bass ePlaying machine Cliff 'The drumming and party animal': drums, percussion, and beer cans. EJ: vocals
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Have never played live.
Your musical influences
Kiss, ACDC, Led Zep, Ted Nugent