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Trust me, If you like hip hop as much as i do then come check this out. Shadow klick forever and respect to ROM Records, Big thanks to Muva and what you have br
Whats goin on, My interest in music creation started when i was in grade 10 with my boyz The Shadow Klick and another guy, hidden rhelm, ( A well known hiphop artist of ROM Records). That was 4 or 5 years ago when i didn't know to much, and I was using a program called MixMan. anyways about a year later i met A guy known as "The Sho". He introduced me into the underground hip hop scene. Then hooked me up with his boyz who are also well known as MUVA (Musical Unification of Various Artists). MUVA's main objective was to develope new artists into Unified Artists. Its been 4 and half years since ive absorbed as much information as possible and the journey is just starting. Also My biggest inspiration is The Shadow klick who I've been with since day one on the streetz bustin the beatboxes and spittin frees.
Band/artist history
I roll with the SHADOW KLICK from day 1, Octobre 21 2001,
Have you performed in front of an audience?
do you?
Your musical influences
Damn! I live in whitby and use to live in oshawa Ontario, Canada. I definatly am not standing alone! much respect for hidden rhelm and ROM Records, MUVA, The Sho, Fro, Paralel, Dv8, and dislocate. Anyone out there, Humble, puttin time into their music and makin a new respect for tomorrow, hats off to ya!
What equipment do you use?
FL studio 6, wavelab, Protools7, Mbox2, yamaha psr273 keyboard, BCR2000 midi control, behringer truth 2030's, apex 415 wide condenser mic, and dual monitor video
Anything else?
It all about learning and distributing, Every beat you make is one step closer to making exactly what you want!
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