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Beats and Instrumentals with no Boundaries!
Welcome to our SoundClick Page. We've been doing music for soooooo Dayum long and have a HUGE library of music. AnalogMindz consist of 3 members (Lo'Ki, Dj Diz, and Nineteen Da Gift) each one of us has our own unique special background and talents. When you put the groups individual skills together you have Record Engineer, Producers, Emcees, R&B Vocalist, BeatMakers, Dj/Turntablist, Musicians (Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Saxophone, Trumpet, and Pianist), Writers, and Composers. We've been producing local artist in NC for about 6 years now and we felt it's time to show our skillz on the net.
Band/artist history
Lo'Ki & Nineteen are Cousins. Nineteen and Dj Diz are close friends. Nineteen already had a studio set up in his house. We all got together at Nineteens Crib and started vibing out on the Keyboard, Drum Machine, and Turntables. We've been making beats for peeps ever since and helping them set up awesome shows. We combined all of our individual talents and used them to help artist take their skills to the next level. It's funny how what we did back then evolved into something so big. We went from some guys vibing out in a room to making trips to GA to work with upcoming cats. We know that we got everything it takes to succeed in the game and we know if we do this long enough people will notice.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We do play Live, but at the moment we are working on some future projects. So stay tuned and we'll update the site as soon as we get back on da Chitlin Circuit!
Your musical influences
Influences?!?! Wow.. Between the 3 of us we love alot of Music. I mean from the Commodores to some Beethoven. We are some bonafied Hip Hop and R&B heads but we are really open minded and Eclectic...Shoot if WyClef hadn't took the title of the Eclectic One we would probably be named ElecticMindz..LoL Far as musical influences in general we RESPECT musicians and artist who are innovative and aren't afraid to be different. So much love to you ORIGINAL Singers, Rappers, Poets, and BeatMakers! Keep That Creativity Flowin!!!!!!
What equipment do you use?
Any and Everything under the Sun. MPC 2000XL, ASR 10, Fruity Loops, Korg Karma, Yamaha Motif ES6, Kurzweil, Casio, Old School Boss Drum Machines, Roland Sampler, Technic 1200's, Tin Pans, Trash Cans, Dusty Azz Records, Microphones with bad Feedback, PC's Loaded with Sound Editing and Effects Software and YOU if I can manage to sneak up behind you with my Recorder!!!!
Anything else?
We wanna work with upcoming Emcees, Singers and Poets. Make sure you bring your tightest Lyrics because we gonna bring the heat! If you looking for a remix to a track you already have..HIT US UP!!!!
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