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Greg Aaron
Greg Aaron
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Greg Aaron's music is a combination of old-school pop arrangements with modern sounds, all of them produced with real human beings including lots of real drums,
Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, Greg began playing piano at age 5 and spent most of his formative years inside playing Beatles songs. Fast-forward to moving to New York City after graduating from University of Kansas, and Sep. 11, 2001 was the catalyst for taking his keyboard to the subway and starting a career in music. After a short while playing and singing in the subway, Greg started to get work in many New York City clubs and studios. He started recording his own album in the fall of 2002, and with the help of nearly 50 other musicians, he released "Rings in Spaces" in March of 2005. "Rings in Spaces" has excellent melodies combined with thought-provoking lyrics and the arrangements of the tracks sound full, interesting and real. Rooted in melodies and production inspired by artists such as the Beatles, Sheryl Crow, Tears for Fears and Stevie Wonder, he recorded with more than 40 musicians over two years, using lots of acoustic guitars, real piano, real string players and a wide variety of background vocalists, drummers and bass players. Some of the most talented people around today worked on the album, including Robbie Adams, (mixed many U2 songs and Smashing Pumpkins), Gregg Williams (did most of the drums on Sheryl Crow's "Globe Sessions" and co-produced Dandy Warhols), Vic Thrill on guitar and vocals, Christian Cassan on guitar and drums, Dave Eggar on cello and Meg Okura on violin. Steve Rossieter mixed most of the album. "Rings in Spaces" is an album of 10 songs which are bound together by their quality and intensity but from song to song they offer plenty of surprises: from a small gospel choir and raucous hand-clapping in the lively and touching "Quiet Power" to old-school Clavinets and Fender keys in "Living in the World" and "I Don't Know How to Live" to the galactical-sounding, modern programming in the gorgeous and catchy title track. Greg's voice is unusually clear and strong and some of the songs have remarkable lyrical depth, such as "When I'm Alone" and "Small Talk." The album's diversity and seriousness is very refreshing!
Band/artist history
I worked with more than 40 musicians to record my CD, "Rings in Spaces" (see bio above)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play and sing on the New York City subway and also in various piano bars in NYC.
Your musical influences
Beatles, Tears for Fears, Sheryl Crow, Kate Bush, XTC, Peter Gabriel, Roland Orzabal, Soda Stereo, Gustavo Cerati, U2.