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Kurt Schulenburg
Kurt Schulenburg
Lake Zurich, IL  USA
March 22, 2005
2,684 plays
Kurt Schulenburg is a composer/arranger who works with electronic and acoustic instruments to create soundscapes for emotional exploration. (And if you can think of a more pretentious way of writing... let me know!) Geez... I justed wanted something to listen to while soaking in my hot tub...
Band/artist history
I've been creating computer recorded music since 1980, since the early days of MIDI and sampling. I've been involved in playing music since the mid 60's, starting with piano and saxophone and adding most of the brass and woodwinds along the way. I was an associate director and trumpet player with the Crystal Lake Community Band for about 20 years and have been playing with dixieland bands since I formed my first one in 1973. Currently, I play with the SinfulSaintsBand.com.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't play this music live...but I do play a whole lot of dixieland live!
Your musical influences
My current influences are Bernard Herrmann, Immediate Music, X-Ray Dog, Craig Armstrong, Hans Zimmer. I don't like mindless music... but I do like music to create moods and emotions.
What equipment do you use?
Win7 Computer Sonar X-1 Garritan Personal Orchestra EWQL Symphonic Choir Dimension Pro Lots of Soft Synth Plugins Goldwave
Anything else?
If you like what you hear... let me know!
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