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Nite Tha Grrness
Nite Tha Grrness
29 Tracks
Most of what I do is rap, but it isn't any kind of surprise to find some singing or screaming. I don't write to fit into any genre, I just put down what comes
As an artist, I like to push things. I like to do what sounds different just to see what happens. I also growl a lot. Hence half the moniker. I've been into music my entire life. My parents swear to god that I would kick to the beat of Iron Maiden in the womb and sing myself to sleep as a baby. Since the dawn of my hip hop ambitions I've always been torn between the importance of lyrics and the importance of style and delivery. Still working on putting the two together perfectly. I hope you all are around to see it happen. To other musicians, I love to collaborate. To step into someone's world and create my own little piece, maybe even surprise someone, you know? Anyone seriously interested holler at my messengers or just shoot me an email or my space message.
Band/artist history
My music IS my history, so I'll let it speak for itself.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Just getting back into music heavily. I am planning some shows but nothing concrete as of yet. I have had some good times at local bars, talent shows, etc. Blunts in the parking lots with groups and whatever. The best is always yet to come.
Your musical influences
The thing that truely defines me as an artist, the thing that makes me stand out, is the multitude of influences I've had. I was way into thriller at the age of 8, and as I grew up I heard bands like Steve Miller and King's X and Led Zepplin and Judas Priest. Then when I got to be about 12 or 13, and started thinking for myself, I turned into a big metal kid. Besides my love for sublime, it was godsmack and pantera and shit like that, then to disturbed and korn and just fucking METAL ya know? At about 14 hip hop hit me in the face harder than a bullet train and I've been writing ever since. At around 18 i started getting into the alternative side, def juckies, rhyme sayers, shit like that. After a while I stumbled onto people like Saul Williams and got very spiritual in my personal live. Now, at 21, I've turned my music into a cycle. I write about who I am, and through that I find more of myself to write about. Maybe I can help influence people, be a positive force towards the enlightenment of our world. That is the goal.
What equipment do you use?
Whatever i can get my grubs on?
Anything else?
Peace, Love, Light, and Life.
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