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Full Effect (Aus)
Full Effect (Aus)
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5 Piece Alt. Rock Band, heavy drums, blasting guitars and deep vocals.
Hey, we're Full Effect, 5 piece Alternative Rock band located on the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia. We are currently writing material for an upcoming demo and will soon be gigging.
Band/artist history
Back in Novemeber of 2003, a few mates from school decided to start a band. They got together one weekend and soon discovered that it wasn't right. It wasn't untill the middle of 2004 that things started loking up. With a new line up of Chris and Andrea on guitar, Jayden on bass and Andrew on the drums, the band was only missing one, a singer. In late october the band found its voice. Matt was recruited swiftly into the ranks and the band was complete. Full Effect are now focusing on writing material for their demo, which is being recorded soon, and shall be giging within a few months.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We will be playing live soon
Your musical influences
We've always found it hard to pin ourselves along side other bands, but a few bands that we sound remotly like are: Trapt, Thursday, Three Days Grace, Lost Prophets, A Perfect Circle.