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Columbus, OH  USA
January 09, 2003
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* * * * * * * * ASHE * * * * * * * * Pretentious, conceited, pompous, overambitious, and overblown. The pedantic and hollow ravings of Ashe are inconspicuously worming their way into the indie scene one download at a time. We invite you to participate by freely downloading the MP3's, lyrics, and content available at this site and continuing the malignant spread of our fatalistic ideals.
Band/artist history
Ashe is a band with no past and no future. What better to serve as the soundtrack to the hollow existence of a nation of zombies? Asleep at the wheel, we are content to follow the pattern set before us, the dull but safe path . . . Wake up! Live. History is what the people of the present wish it to be. Make a new story, choose a new path. This music is dedicated to the middle children of history, to those who question what they are sold, to those who are not content with easy answers or the easy way out, and those who can see past media hype, consumerism, and spin. Most of all, this is dedicated to Jesse Lucas and Zero Set. Don't accept what they tell you, don't buy what they fucking sell you.
Your musical influences
Depeche Mode , the Cure , A Perfect Circle , Martin Gore , Portishead , Massive Attack , Lacuna Coil , Henryk Gorecki , God Lives Underwater , Bjork , Evanescence , Baby Fox , Moby , Fiona Apple , Tori Amos , Tool , Pink Floyd , Agnes Poetry , Orgy , Scary Valentine , Gossamer , Morphine , Pet Shop Boys , Our Lady Peace , Sisters of Mercy
What equipment do you use?
Cakewalk Sonar, Gigastudio, Sound Forge, Mackie HR824 monitors, Aardvark Q10 sound card, AMD Athalon 2.1 GHz Barton 3000+ processor 400 MHz Front Side Bus, ASUS A7N8X-UAY NVidia NForce2 motherboard (supports 400 MHz Front Side Bus and dual-channel RAM), GainWard NVidia GForce4 video card with 128 MB RAM, 2 matched Corsair 512 MB DDR chips with 2.5 CAS latency and heat dissipators 400 MHz Bus x2 (dual channel) total RAM 1 GB, Adaptec 39160 SCSI controller, 1 Seagate Cheetah 16 GB 15000 RPM SCSI UW 160 MHz Bus (audio data drive), 1 Seagate Cheetah 8 GB 7200 RPM SCSI UW 160 MHz Bus (system drive), 2 Quantum Atlas 8 GB 10000 RPM SCSI UW 80 MHz Bus (picture cache and gigastudio samples streaming), 1 Maxtor 40 GB IDE 100MHz Bus (Storage), Antec TruPower 430 W power supply (and still if I switch the CPU fan up to "high", one of the HDDs won't spin up! but it all works if I keep the CPU fan on "med". Shoulda got a 500W with all my SCSI hard drives.), 1 generic CD-RW 8x, 1 generic CD-Rom 40x, 2 auxiliary case fans, Enlight ATX case, generic floppy, detachable front toenails, regenerative long twitching scaly tail (purple), googily-eyes, magic mushroom spores, bean sprout tendrils
Anything else?
Check out ashe.us and urbanjazzcoalition.com
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Columbus, OH  USA
January 09, 2003
12,406 plays