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MONEY POWER AND HUMANITY MACTOWN PLAYAS AND HUSTLAS MULTI PLATINUM HITS If u have to ask how much it cost that means u can't afford it!!!
M.P.H. Three of Mactown's finest. Zed, Barak, and Torch. Coming from every aspect, the group of three lyrically skilled MC's are not only three of Mactowns finest, they are three of the world's finest!!! All three of the band members were born in McKinney, Texas ( 30 miles north of Dallas). One of the fastest groing cities in the United States as we speak. Look to be seeing alot of these guys (M.P.H.) in the near future. WWW.MPH2.BIZ WWW.MYSPACE.COM/MPH2 WWW.MPH2.BIZ WWW.MYSPACE.COM/MPH2 WWW.MPH2.BIZ WWW.MYSPACE.COM/MPH2 WWW.MPH2.BIZ WWW.MPH2.BIZ
Band/artist history
M.P.H. Started out as six. Lil C (ZED), SHOAT (BARAK), BIG E (TORCH), Dough (TIM), KILO, and BEAST (OAK)in 1993. Now M.P.H. is just Zed, Barak, and Torch ( and it looks like Tim aka SP is going to be reuniting with the group some time this year. Been doing show and demos since 1998. We hooked up with King J. and Fred Reed and started getting serious about it around 1999. Thats when we dropped our first song as M.P.H. in the studio. The name of the song was Balla Baby (way tighter than Chingy's and was thought of way before chingy was rappinn). After some set backs we got back on it and so here we are ready to blow up like a man smoking at a gas station!!! Shots out to Kizum Entertainment, Marlo, Dre, Moses,Fred Reed, Lil Nookey, Quam, East Dallas,All of D-Town, King J., P.C., Major League Entertainment, K.O.X., Tha Side Clothing, Jersey, Mactown and the rest of of TEXAS. RIP KING J.WE MISS YOU!!! Sorry if i forgot anyone...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. We opened up for Lil Flip in Pine Bluff, Arkansas a couple of years ago not to name a few more. Performing live is the best part of being a MC. Our first special moment was probably when we opened up for Quint Black and Nitro in Odessa, TX.
Your musical influences
Geto Boys, U.G.K., LOX, 5th Ward Boys, N.W.A., D.J. Quick, Notorious Big, Dead Pres., Sizzla, Capeton, DOC, Tupac, Nas, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Isley's, i could go on and on, but I wont!
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
Dont forget to log on to WWW.MPH2.BIZ and WWW.MYSPACE.COM/MPH2!!!!
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