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Purgatory Bound
Purgatory Bound
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Purgatory Bound, yup thats us.
Raw and uncut this is how we be We bring it live Purgatory Bound Naturally Fuck Pretending this is who we are impress nobody if you dont like us for who we are we'll leave your neck bloody We aint frontin like we something were just being ourselves if you dont like it come and fight it take your ticket to hell We dont beat around the bush we straight to it like a scalpel Purgatory Bound no bull its all Natural
Band/artist history
This is the Purgatory Bound, We are making our way through the deepest most unsanctomonius regions of the Horrorcore Underground rap scene. Bogus, Havik, Malice and Dyslexik break it down the only way they know how, WICKEDLY! We each represent our own color. Bogus reps white because he is pure of heart and white is the purest of all colors. Havik is reppin yellow because yellow shows signs of his disregard of life. Malice reps Orange because Orange represents the flames in your sould that eat at you. Dyslexik reps green, Green has many ties to evil, like greed and envy. We express ourselves through our type of music and thats it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not Yet
Your musical influences
Psychopathic Records.