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Authentik and Kreative
Authentik and Kreative
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AKA Authentik and Kre8ive Tennessee rap Double b Entertainment Sumthin serious productions Authentic kreative creative
AKA is a team of Two young Artist. While Both are from Tennessee. They Both Also have northern roots, In-turn The music created by AKA is Versitile, New, Creative, and Authentic, Thus earning them they're stage names "Authentik" and "Kre8ive".It hasn't been easy for "A.K.A." To "come up" in the industry, But their Drive and Determination seems to be paying off. A.K.A. Has Performed Live and Isn't far from mastering the stage.AKA Shows the Consistancy, and Persistence, It takes to Move Millions.The Artists have recorded Two Mixtapes and are currenty Working on Mixtape Vol.3 Which will actually be Broken Down into Two seperate versions in which AKA has decided to Make one version "For The People" and the other "For The Streets". The Group has been Given Many Offers By Labels thru out the United States- and Now International,While They Are seriously considering A "home" For the Group, They Are Still In the Studio Working.This Group has been Thru 2 Artist and 1 manager, While They are young and relativly New to the "Game" They Show Raw Talent That can't be Denied...Now with real management.There will be no stopping them until they reach the top.They are the Future Of Hip-Hop Music.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
AKA has Performed With O.M.A -- Just signed to No Limit. J-City --- signed to PhanClub Ent. Was asked to open up for "Young Buck" --G-unit (which Fell Thru because of Bad-mangagment) and with Fam 1st -- Kant Stop Records The Only "unsigned" artist' at all events!!!
Your musical influences
No one enfluences the music AKA creates, it's original and a fresh Breath to all hiphop Lovers,
What equipment do you use?
Apex 420 Studio Condenser Mic,Behringer "eurorack" UB1002 Mixer,Roland Phantom X8,MOTU, Roland Monitors, AKG k.44 Headphones,Nuendo,Cool Edit 2.0,FL studio 5 ,T-racks Mastering,Soon will be working with a full ProTools intergrated Studio Setup- But for album We'll be using the "Recording Workshop" Studios in Ohio
Anything else?
IT'S OFFICIAL!!!!! The Game NEEDS a Makeover!!!a href="http://easy-hit-counters.com/stats.php?site=killaman" target="_top"
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