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Dragster Youth Cult
Dragster Youth Cult
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Dragster youth cult is the solo project of Andy Woolaston who hails from the great city of Leicester. i play electronic music of all shapes and colours from
These Shadows Sparkle On The Mono Witch
Peak in sub-genre #28
dragster youth cult is a solo project by Andy woolaston from the good city of Leicester. i play electronic music of all shapes and colours and record and give away CD's and minidiscs to anyone who is interested. i also love to play my stuff live with old broken samplers and drum machines blasting through guitar effects pedals and guitar amps.
Band/artist history
i started dragster youth cult in 2004 after recording loads of electronic music at home and i just wanted to play live and have fun with it. i have 3 recordings that i give away at the moment, Cultronic, Black static disco and These shadows sparkle on the mono witch.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes, i love playing live, i try to be more experimental and just go with the flow and see what happens, it either goes great or really bad! no inbetween.
Your musical influences
i'm into everything from noisecore bands and electronic powernoise to good old techno and heavy metal. just mix it all up and you should get dragster youth cult......ish.
What equipment do you use?
boss dr 202, bass station, roland s-10 sampling keyboard, boss guitar effects pedals, korg ea1, and lots of other bits of broken stuff i found on Ebay.
Anything else?
if you like my track ' These shadows sparkle on the mono witch' please get in touch and i'll send you some more stuff.