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Joakim Finbak Pedersen
Joakim Finbak Pedersen
7 Tracks
Progressive instrumental rock/hard rock.
Classical music.
UPDATES on the bottom of this page! I am a 21 year old guitarist from Norway who occationally plays bass, drums and keyboards. Im altso composing a lot of classical stuff in my spare-time. I have a three year education in music on high-school, and a half-year at folk-high-school + a year course in social-sciences at the university of Tromsø. Currently im working on my Bachelordegree in Music, at Hamar, Norway.
Band/artist history
I have played guitar since i was nine, and have played some drums and keyboards for a couple of years.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Sometimes.. I've had some bands connected to school that we played live with a couple of times. The most successfull was Deviant in winter/spring 2006.
Your musical influences
Soo many. My first and biggest influence was Iron Maiden, which is a big influence still. Over the last seven years ive been influenced by so many bands. The biggest ones are Dream Theater, Marillion, Deep Purple, Dredg, Rush, Derek Sherinian, early Metallica, Ayreon, Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest... the list goes on..
What equipment do you use?
Guitars: Peavey Wolfgang QT Special and Epiphone G310. Amps and effects: Boss Gt-8 with Roland JC120 and Peavey 5150 emulation. Line 6 Gearbox! Keyboards: Korg TR Music Workstation, Yamaha PSR arranger keyboard. Mic: Shure PG-58 vocal mic. Recording: Line 6 TonePort UX2, Line 6 Gearbox, Steinberg Nuendo, Toontrack EZ drummer, FL Studio 6. Finale 2004/2006, Guitar Pro 5.
Anything else?
First update 2008: New synthersizer (Korg Tr Music Workstation), and a new track called "Still it rains" added! Updates October 2007! New recording gear, new school, new inspirations = new music! Check out my new song "Master of destruction", now!
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