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LA Productions Unlimited
LA Productions Unlimited
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I am an amputee, drug addict who made it home from rehab less than a month before his mother died. Someone whose only voice was music. I make music so you can
A Clown Slaughtered
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Rat Whiskers
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Bumps In The Night
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On the Way
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Limited Ability Productions is my ficticious independent record label, one day it'll be moved to the non-fiction section. My name is Chris Cancer, I was producing under the alias Limited Ability for a while but i'm just going to drop it. this site is for my instrumentals only, i'll prolly have some beats, but this is mainly for my songs. It's pretty chill, trippy hip hoppy electro house bullshit cat piss, whatever. Take a listen it's decent.
Band/artist history
I freestyled on a whim when i was 16, liked it, kept doin it. Started making beats to rap to on hip hop ejay when i was 18. Over the years my style has evolved to the point there isnt much i won't put into my music.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yea I'll play live when given the chance, I played in a band in rehab that played mini concerts several times a week. It was a huge rehab so there was a decent crowd. Yay, im, an idiot.
Your musical influences
With my beats, RJD2 was prolly the most influential. His album was the first time i had heard a producer do an instrumental album with such a free, almost classicly styled form. I also love the early 90's to mid 90's hip hop. Heavy sampling, very funky with the live vinal sounnd. Ahhh heres a few examples of beats that influenced me. Ice cube-Good day, Digable Planets-Cool Like Dat, Geto Boys-Minds Playen tricks on me, Skee-Lo-I wish, Kriss Kross-Jump Jump, House of Pain- Jump around pete rock remix, Tribe called quest-everything, Delinquent Habits-Tres Deliquentes.
What equipment do you use?
Acid Music Studio, Roland jv-30, ZOOM Street Boxx SB-246
Anything else?
No, there's nothing else douche!
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