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Bigfoot of Micworx
Bigfoot of Micworx
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Nigerian - born, EDM Producer, Artist, Songwriter and Composer. I've worked on songs and scores for artistes and Tv programmes both in my home country and inter
MUSIC AND LIFE That is what Bigfoot is all about. That is what this page is about. entertain yourself with completely original beats, mixes and remixes. contact me if you have any comments, views, pro or contrary to my style. love to hear your views, music is a culture, let us share...
Band/artist history
After producing solo for 7years...i teamed up with Venomous to form Micworx Music. The rest as they say, is history... track record is huge, haven produced for a-list artistes in my home country as well asdone scores for tv programmes...it's a blessing to be where i am right now
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live sometimes, when i'm producing, or when i'm invited for a gig. it's wonderful
Your musical influences
whatever touches my feelings....i draw from my personal experiences, and the experiences of people i know...it's wonderful to communicate that way
What equipment do you use?
I now Combine Software and Hardware, Fl Studio, MOTU 8Pre, Event 5" and 8" monitors, Alesis Pro Mixer, AKG Acoustic C3000 Microphone, Roland Midi Controller, and of course, my personal VST bank.
Anything else?
I'm addicted to sound, i can't help it...I love sharing what i am made of....i love earning a living from it. This is what i am, so don't hesitate to listen to my works, and make comments too....Hit me up if there's anything you like. All my free beats are free as long as they make it to an album...so i know i work with only artistes...
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