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Good hip-hop artists create great music that you can listen to, dance to, and enjoy. Great hip-hop artists pioneer trends, have a point of view, and leave a sta
Riff-Raff raises the bar on professionalism for independent hip-hop artists. Riff is a well known artist that has sold over 50,000 records to date. The flow is phenomenal, the production is on point, the record is ground breaking.
Band/artist history
After nearly 4 years, Riff-Raff is back with his fourth CD effort titled Reach. In the summer of 2006 Riff-Raff would decide to take a break from Inspirational Hip-Hop to pursue more mainstream musical avenues. Releasing several underground mixtapes in the mainstream market, Riff-Raff began to build a major mainstream following in the countries major cities, and an explosive online campaign. These underground mixtapes would feature original songs with some of the music industries biggest selling artists like 50 Cent, Brandy, Lloyd Banks, and many more. It wouldn't be until the end of 2007 when Riff-Raff would decide that it was time to end his break from Positive hip-hop and return to introspective, socially conscience roots. His decision came with a vision he had about an organization that would reach out to the community with Educational programs, Job opportunities, and most importantly, an inspirational message. Riff-Raff has now put together The Reach Movement, with chapters in every major city across the country. The membership of The Reach Movement is expected to be well over 1 million strong before the June release of Riff-Raff's new CD. Reach, the CD, is Riff-Raff's official return to inspirational/socially conscience Hip-Hop. It is a mix of songs that are both spiritually uplifting and eloquently socially conscience. With songs like The Calling Riff-Raff explains to his audience how he once walked away from the calling, but now he's back never to walk away again. Also, in the song The City Riff-Raff depicts a portrait of a major city and how we miss things that go on because were not paying attention. Other key songs are My Block, Lock It Down, and Hold Me Back.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Anywhere I get invited to. I've done some really big events and some really small ones. I'll normally do whatever anyone invites me to.
Your musical influences
Hip-Hop is my life so I like a lot of hip-hop artist. I've always strived to be the supreme hip-hop artist so I wanted to have lyrics like Nas, Delivery like Eminem, charisma like Jay-z, passion like Pac, and story telling like Biggie.
What equipment do you use?
MPC 2000 XL, Triton Studio, Acid Pro 5, Roland 5080, ASR-X, a ton of other crap!
Anything else?
Go towww.reachmovement.com
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