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Teenage Tartan Nija Rampage
Teenage Tartan Nija Rampage
1 Track
Digitally Disturbing Mechanical Abuse,Electronic,scottish,Chaotic Ginger madman
You,you showed me love..sincerity..You, you shone a light where none could see, Illuminate it all brilliantly.. and now I see Im all alone..its just me,its just me..Your not going crazy your just being lazy..My computer is on the blink..I recall..I start to think of palaces and chalices of madness and heartache, why we all must partake in our image of crime while standing in a line...Behind the haystacks,behind the haystacks its just another....Put the wig on the pig and leave it be , this turns out to be real,sanctuary..behind the haystacks its just another...flying saucer attack..
Band/artist history
Members have been in Cancercock,Neurmison,Sour Pussy,No Class,Gay Punx on Hope,Septimus and the Wooden Spousies,Slurpy Gloop,This Savage heaven,Masters of Disguise,The Bawbags Fi WindyHill,The Visions,Grizily Spectre and Legion
Have you performed in front of an audience?
On top of the highest hills and at the bottom of the darkest abyss
Your musical influences
Kenny Everet,Dick Emery,Sid James,Joy Division,Crass,The B-52s,Magazine,X-ray-spex,The Rezillos,Tubeway army,Leftfield,Cancercock,SubvsLoop,F.R.U.
What equipment do you use?
Emu ESI200 Sampler,Yamaha EFX,Korg MS2000r Synth,Sonnar 1.31, Soundforge 6,Tascam DM-1000, M-Audio TDif sound card & PC itell p3 1000 hz
Anything else?
Mutate to Survive