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Charity BBQ
Charity BBQ
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Soon-to-be greatest rock band ever.
Charity BBQ is made up of 4 members, Josh MacDonald, on lead guitar and back-up vocals, Jason Woudsma, lead vocals, Alex Brueckner-Irwin on bass, and Mitch Allard on drums/percussion (including wind chimes).
Band/artist history
One day, the band members were quite bored in their focus program class. They decided to start a band to relieve the tedium. The band rocked, so they kept at it and the IGUANA GOD approved.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Charity BBQ has played several shows live, mostly at LCVI (the school we all currently attend). However, we are beginning to play shows outside of school.
Your musical influences
Josh - Red Hot Chili Peppers, SRV, Weezer, Pearl Jam Jason - Staind, Offspring, Finger Eleven, Billy Talent, OLP, Pearl Jam Alex - Sum 41, Live, OLP Mitch - Josh (guitarist for Charity BBQ), Blink 182, OLP, Weezer Band - Dave Axford (teacher at LCVI), and the IGUANA GOD
What equipment do you use?
Guitar, bass and drums and wind chimes, whenever we can get them.
Anything else?
Jason, the lead singer, is full of heartbreak. He is madly in love with a girl, who does not return his affection, and is in fact dating a complete loser. Josh is the sickest guitairist ever. Josh is currently in a ball and chain (as Jason puts it) relationship with Justine, an up and coming Broadway actress. Alex, the hotty (according everybody except Mitch)is currently trying to force Mitch out of the band, by making him look like a fool. Mitch is currently trying to digest the IGUANA GOD's tail.
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