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Jes Karper
Jes Karper
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Singin' songs by the fireside
I am a rambling blues and folk songwriter and stringplucker. I have been living in Belize, Central America for the past 9 years, originally from Pennsylvania, USA. My songs speek for my travels and experiences, which have carried me to many amazing, inspiring, and eye-opening places and encountered many awesome, couragous, interesting, and encouraging people(s). Some of my songs address the system and the many problems which are arising through its fasaud of democracy and its perpetuation of Plutocracy which is the ruling of the rich over the poor.(ie:Big Corporations siezing power over everyone and everything else on the planet) Music and songs have also provided me with a way to express humor in life experience as well as encouragment to others and contemplation of Life, Love, God, and many perspectives too dificult to communicate to others without the tools of poetry and melody. I think I have the links set so that you can download the mp3 audio files, absolutely FREE!!!...Please feel free to give any of these tunes radio play on pass them along with this web site to your friends...and foes...let them all hear!
Band/artist history
I have been learning guitar from 10 years of age, mostly self taught, but a few lessons in highschool have carried me a long way, and left me realizing how endless the journey with guitars, and music in general is as well as it's combination with poetry.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, Music is best live and I am partial to campfires and makshift riverraft type venues however, anywhere in the street or sidewalk will do. Most large crowds I have played for have been conglomerants of peacefull protesters and intimidating riot cops, all of whom seemed to take the music and lyrics to heart in their own special ways.
Your musical influences
I have come to my style by play covers of various artists starting mainly with Niel Young, Bob Dylan, Muddy Waters and more recently Gregg Brown, Taj Mahal and David Rovics. There are many others but these are some of the main ones. Belize has many musical styles from Garifuna and Creole cultures in their african style percussion as well as latin american Ranchera Music. Down here Reggae rhythms pretty much continuously fill the air and it is definitely influencing me more and more along with a lot of hip hop artists from aroung the world.
What equipment do you use?
recording with an M-box two mikes and protools on a macintosh ibook
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