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Magmor is a progressive rock band. Mainly influenced by Marillion, Radiohead and Led Zeppelin.
Magmor is a personal musical project driven on my own. I'm looking for musicians but actually, I'm preparing a first LP. I play every instruments (Including acoustic drums), and do vocals as well, helped by the heavenlyn voice of Kreestal. You can hear some more pieces of my songs on http://www.magmor.org
Band/artist history
Magmor is born from the ashes of some past bands. I have played in different bands and, slowly, it becomes a one-man project because I didn't find the musicians to follow me. But I don't want to vegetate in my solitary shell. Magmor's music is created to be played live, loud, in the smoke and with the lights off...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Magmor will play live, actually, I'm looking for musicians...
Your musical influences
Main influences? I would say Led Zeppelin and Marillion, Led Zeppelin for the hardest face of Magmor, Marillion for the melodic side and then, I should add progressive rock in general. Pain Of Salvation, Tool, Radiohead, Genesis, Yes, Porcupine Tree, Anathema, that kind of bands are influencing me a lot.
What equipment do you use?
Main equipment: I use my PC for recording and mixing. Soundcard : M-Audio Delta Audiophile Mixer : Soundcraft M8 Preamp : Joemeek Studio Channel VC1Q Software : Magix Audio Studio, M-Tron, a lot of plug-ins and vstis indeed...
Anything else?
I'm still looking for new equipment, like a new guitar and a new bass. When my project studio will be fully equiped, I will start the recording of the first album. The songs are already composed and this first EP should last 50 minutes. Thank you for your stay here... ::Think for yourself::