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Gutter Water Music MC Oddity.. We got that raw underground sound. Anti New World Order Hip Hop. Bringing you the Illegal Truth.. We don't stop. Wretched Earth
"Odditys debut Illegal Truth takes you to the matrix to unplug your mind from the lies." ALBUM AVAILABLE AT WWW.ILLEGALTRUTH.COM ALBUM IN STORES NOW WWW.CDBABY.COM/ODDITY
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Mostly toured the West Coast opening up for acts like: Psycho Realm, Visionaries, Lyrics Born, Sick Symphonies, Q-Unique, Tha Alkaholiks, Ohno, DJ Babu, Jurassic 5, 2mex, Defari, Eligh, Sol, Anticon, Murs, Aceyalone, Dudley Perkins and a lot of others. Oddity and Castor have done over 500 shows and are trying to do 30000 more. Also mad radio shows; Radio stations to internet shows at peoples cribs. Hit us up for press info.
Your musical influences
Gutter Water Music. Freedom, Politics, Art, Women, Music, Movies, Pain, Graff, Books, Life, The Struggle, Family, Scotland and Hip Hop. Peace to all my people: Wretched Earth, CastorPollux, Iota Arcane, Subz my lady, Dysposable Heroes, Zero, Mass, Zoo, Dj StepDaddy, EnyL876, Free U4ea, Myango, Akoma, Atilla, Smokestacks, Brit, Lex, SumOne, Jahsun, Blis, Thyst, N10do, Helo, Ears, ShellShot, UnseenUnderWorld, Kimmy, Flip the Soulfisher, Shank(where you at), Auxilary, Debbie Bean, Order, Meteorite, Free FatsohFresh, Dj Namo, Sharky and Shy, Danny Garcia, Kyle, Matt, My Family in Scotland, William Wallace, Jordan Maxwell, Alex Jones, Anthony Hilder, Che Gueverra, William Cooper, Zapata, JFK, Malcom X, Marcos, Abbie Hoffman, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Gary Webb, David Icke, Martin Luther King, my sister, mom, my nieces and nephews, Pops, Every one who ever show'd me love and any one who is really trying to build for our Hip Hop Culture and any one who stands against tyranny. Respect
Anything else?