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The Skapiscopalians
The Skapiscopalians
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Ska, rocksteady, reggae, punk, funk, rap, country, bluegrass, folk, blues, metal, hardcore, alternative, pop-punk, indie, electronica, latin, pop, gangsta, inve
Cary, Chad, and a large supporting cast of hooligans! HEY GUYS! You can contact us now over the messageboard, or on AOL Instant Messenger! Cary: skacorevictim Chad: CR87B
Band/artist history
The Skapiscopalians started in the 1960s in Jamaica! With SKA music! Well it actually wasn't until about 40 years after that until me and my Asian friend Chad (UNITY!) decided we needed a band!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We're not a live band yet! Maybe in the future!
Your musical influences
Catch 22! Reel Big Fish! Less Than Jake! The Mighty Mighty Bosstones! Big D and the Kids Table! The Planet Smashers! The Chinkees! The Hippos!
What equipment do you use?
We use only the coolest Casio keyboards because we can't afford better! And there's a sax and a trombone and a guitar and a bass of some sort!
Anything else?
"The SKApiscopalians aren't a ska band, they are the ska band. To claim otherwise is absurd- is it not their lead singer who passionately declares that SKA is his favorite genre of music? The intensity of the band increases the verisimilitude of their love for SKA-- these, friends, are the sorts of people who love ska to the extent that they would do anything for it be it starting a band or even moving to Japan and becoming a personal accountant as their vocalist did upon listening to the new Less Than Jake album five times. Such conviction is noticeably absent in most modern ska groups. What, then, gives the SKApiscopalians their zeal? Look at the name and do recall John Coltrane's classic album "A Love Supreme." The latter point is important-- music, especially that with horns can be a powerful message for Christ. The band, despite their intensity seem totally at peace with themselves, achieving the sort of serenity that only our Lord and Saviour can provide. But ther is a far more obvious reminder of the band's spirituality-- their name! The name is most certainly descended from the Episcopalian Church. In conclusion, this is my new favorite band. Their gorgeous music gets one's mind thinking and the wild beats get one's feet moving, but more importantly, the feet move the listener to a deeper relationship with Christ." -Michael Bingam
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