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Zohezie's music has been described as what George Jetson and Picasso would sound like, what Michelangelo and B.B. King would sound like, and what Barack Obama a
4 songs
10.4K plays
I Wear My Sunglasses at Night
2) I'M A JERK!
3) SUPA n*** 506079
6) POPTART 568621
Band/artist history
ZOHEZIE THE JERK Born Alonzo Morgan in 1980, Zohezie was raised on Detroit's Northend. Always a fan of music, Zohezie began to hone in on his craft his senior year of high school. After winning several local talent shows and performing at various community events, Zohezie realized his passion had become a profession. Zohezie began to pursue Rapping as a profession after meeting Big Proof (Eminem's hype man and member of D12) during the filming of the movie 8 mile. Big Proof was interested in working with Zohezie and his group I-M.A.C.( Image, Music, and Character). From this relationship, Zohezie secured distribution through Big Proof's label Ironfist Records L.L.C. The venture ended suddenly due to Big Proof's untimely demise in 2006. Needless to say Zohezie has returned after this tragic set back. He has worked and performed with a number of well known artist including D12, Royce tha 5'9, and Eminem. He has donated his talent for various community events, including the N.A.A.C.P's "Rap the Vote" campaign. Zohezie is currently pursuing his musical endeavors, performing through out the Midwest, and adding to his already impressive catalog.
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Just dropping by to show some love. Gotta give props to those who are doing their thing. So keep doin what you do. much love Sean aka UrBoyWonder
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