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Kaos Anubis
Kaos Anubis
30 Tracks
True Hardcore Hip Hop Lyricist Banging Beats
Wickedest Time Of The Year
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The Wordsmith
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Slow Burn
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The Harvest Of Anubis
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4 songs
4 songs
My name is Kaos Anubis.You may know me as one half of the Soul Snatchaz.Welcome to my page where you will be able to hear all of my solo projects,exclusive tracks and purchase my solo albums.I am 28 and grew up on old school Rap and Hip Hop/ Metal from the 80s and 90s.Ive been rockin shows since I was 10.I smelled success since day one.The studio is where i spend my time bringin those bangers that youve come to know and love. Beginning with my first solo Album "World Domination" in 2002 gave me a chance to speak out on alot of things that were on my mind at the time including failure and outrage. The Album was a Success and fueled the Hits "ChromoDynamics" and "Broken". After another Snatchaz Album the dark "New World Order",i brought out 2004's "Lyrical Bombast" and followed it up with an Amazing Tour with Majesty opening. 2005 saw the first installment of "The Kaotic Mixtape:SEIZE CONTROL" hit the streets with the Smash Singles "Abrupt Halt" and "For the Love..." which are now staples in my live set.... 2006 was the year of "The 7th Lair" my Biggest Album to date,which fueled 5 Hit Singles and countless street bangers.
Band/artist history
I started in rock bands when i was 10 doing covers and it turned into wanting to write music.So I wrote over 200 songs over a five year period and here i am mixing Hardcore Hip Hop with some Hardcore Metal and creating a lyrical Beast that is Kaos.Ive always been addicted to music and I breathe it.I listen to everything and I love hearing new fresh styles.I sound like no one intentionally except for myself because I believe image is important only if its your own.I freestyle on occassion and constantly write and record new tracks everyday.I have 5 albums currently out on the Underground scene.If u are interested after hearing my mp3s hit me up and I'll hook u up.Join the mailing list and I'll give u the prices. I just released the New Album entitled The Kaotic Mix Tape:Seize Control which is more of a Compilation of New And Old Material featuring myself and Soul Snatcha Majesty ripping up Old School and Hardcore Tracks such as "Seize Control" and "All's Fair".Its available as of Feb 22,2005 on Majestic/Knocturnal Records for $5.00. More Albums on the Way Soul Snatchaz-Trilogy Of Terror Kaos Anubis-The 7th Lair Majesty-Listen To The Way Da Rhymes Flow Soul Snatchaz-Internet Access Mix Tape Vol 1
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes.Anywhere and everywhere I can.Need me to play your party?Concert hall?Venue?Contact Me and I'll gladly hook u up.Special moment would be playing a huge party in the middle of nowhere in 99.It was absoloutely insane!I knew then that this definetely was my destiny and life and why i was put here.
Your musical influences
Tommy Lee,Methods Of Mayhem,Everlast,Twiztid,Blaze Ya Dead Homie,Anybody Killa,ICP,Esham,Jumpsteady,Myzery,Nas,Kool G Rap,Sticky Fingaz,Canibus,Haystak,Marz,Mars,Subnoize Souljaz,Daddy X,Big B,D-Loc,Richter,Dirtball,Saint Dog,Judge D,Pakelika,all at Psychopathic and Suburban Noize Records,Mike E. Clark,Mike P. and Zug Izland,Project Deadman,Bedlam,Tech N9ne,Krizz Kalizzo,Kutt Calhoun,all at Strange Music,Cypress Hill,V-Ice,Non-Phixion,Necro,Ill Bill,Mr Hyde,all at Psychological Records,Mobb Deep,Big Noyd,Jadakiss,Jin,Styles P and Ruff Ryders,Korn,Mcnastee,Paradime,The Roots,Onyx,Biohazard,Phunk Junkeez,The R.O.C.,Lavel,White Boy Ric,The Notorious BIG (R.I.P),Fallguy,Intrinzik,Crazy Town (Shifty & Epic),Menacide,Lil' Wyte,Three 6 Mafia,Chuck D,Public Enemy,Anthrax,Ill Nino,Damageplan,Dimebag Darrell (R.I.P.),Pantera,Motley Crue,Brides of Destruction,Ja Rule,Murder Inc.,Dr. Dre,Mack 10,WC,Gangstarr,Pete Rock and CL Smooth,Dee Snider,Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath,Iced Earth,Kurupt,Das Efx,5 Family Clique,Napalm,Dark Lotus,Psychopathic Rydas,Spanish Side Rydas,KRS One,Bravehearts,Big L,Soulfly,Filthee Immigrants,Fresh Kid Ice,Hangmen 3,Made Men,Zno Records,Fat Joe,Jaz-O,Lordz Of Brooklyn,Busta Rhymes,Chino XL,K-Solo
What equipment do you use?
Shure microphones
Anything else?
Yeah a word to all-Look out for me in this next year because i am bent on taking over the world with harsh reality based lyrics and true Hip Hop.I am available for gigs and down with collaborating with anyone.Hit me up and lets take this scene over!!! Contact me for any Information or Questions. I am Available for Gigs and much more.
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