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Industrial rock mayhem
Kozlowskis Bomb
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Pretty Little Halo
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Pressurised Suicide
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Rollin with the Crazy
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Skinflick Fake
Dark and atmospheric, industrial and heavy Come join us on
Band/artist history
A brief history of crime... Like a parasite you never knew you had, Skinflick have existed for some time, hidden away, slowly filtering its dark and twisted little thoughts into your brain. Years honing their sound into the unique genre twisting style, they incorporate the power of metal with electronics, radical mixing and ultra professional and bombastic production. This is music being corrupted and tortured beyond zeros and ones. Their music swings from fast paced intense industrial rock to the slow, dark and haunting. 'TWO TON LOSER' EP was released on March 10th 2003 on the ZERO TOLERANCE label, a side label of COLD SPRING, the UKs largest Industrial / Ambient label. The side-label was virtually formed on the strength of their demo. A CD entitled Pearls before Swine, which features a heavier industrial rock sound to previous releases, has recently been finished and was sent out in promo format, plans are to expand this six track cd to a full album are in the pipeline with a release sometime soon. SKINFLICK are currently working on a new album entitled 'Halo of Flies', which carries the thread of insects, sex, corruption and rebirth. Work is going well and release date will be in June 2005 on the Dead Sexy label. Work is now complete on the new six track e.p. 'Year of the Dogs'. This release concentrates on a much more industrial-metal sound. A free track from the e.p. entitled 'In God We Thrust' is available in the Downloads section. The full CD is on the Dead Sexy Label. Its alive... SKINFLICK live performances carry the same intensity as the releases. A four piece live act featuring guitar, bass, drums and electronics, its loud, intense and has the grooves to match. SKINFLICK have spent the last three years constantly touring across the U.K. receiving excellent reviews and building a strong fan base. The summer of 2004 sees them playing at the Wave Gotik Treffen festival in Germany and the U.K. Infest 2004 festival. 2005 sees a new line-up in the band, having now expanded into a five piece again, the concentration is on even more electronic insanity and gut throbbing bass and beats. 2012 "Death Threat Recriminations' is launched
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Have played countless gigs, toured over the u.k. and parts of europe. Highlights of 2004 were playing the Wave Gotik Treffen festival in Germany and the Infest festival in the u.k.
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