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The Imagination Gym
The Imagination Gym
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Childrens Music and spoken word
Everybody is familiar with a physical gym that you may go to in your local neighbourhood 2/3 times a week. Physical exercise is great because it tones up your muscles, controls your weight and generally makes you feel healthier and fitter. An Imagination Gym works on all those aspects of yourself that you do not exercise in your physical gym. It exercises your mind and it will develop your imagination and creative side. You will find a fitter and expanded imagination will help you be far more positive and creative in all areas of your life.
Band/artist history
The Imagination Gym Company has been researching and developing breakthrough educational products for nearly a decade. The company is extensively supported by an international team of education specialists, therapists and media consultants. At this point, the products have been tested at over 400 field test sites including schools, special needs classes, prisons, clinical environments and in the home and work place with adults. It is only now after detailed research that the first CD 'The Enchanted Forest' has been released to the market. Four other CDs are currently in field-testing and a total of 10 CDs will be released over the coming years in this current phase. Each CD corresponds to a piece of equipment you would find in your local gym, in that each CD works on a different part of your latent intelligence. The CDs are totally non-invasive and you are always in control. Obviously, they are more effective when used on a regular basis.
Your musical influences
Influences from all over - classical writers for sure: Beethoven, Mozart and going back further, Bach was an early musical God! More recently, Stravinsky, Martinu, Elgar, Kubik, as well as top notch film composers such as Williams, Goldsmith, Horner and Thomas Newman. Pop wise, influences were U2, The Beatles, Transvision Vamp, Garbage, Duran Duran and Metallica!
What equipment do you use?
All recordings are done in a state of the art Pro-Tools HD studio in Hollywood. The CD's are all mixed in digital 5.1 surround sound, and the sampling rig is provided by VisionDAW [thank you guys!]
Anything else?
'Imagination is more important than knowledge' - Albert Einstein 'The Imagination Gym Company' is the trading name of Bright Child Productions Limited, a company registered under law in Ireland.