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Tigar Bell
A guy with To much time on his hands, alone in his studio being a hermit!!
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Something Goin' Round
Tigar's orange blossom special
Old war horse fiddle tune, turbo charged
4-string polka
Turbo electric blugrass
Stay with me
Beachboy, Cajun , doo-wop, tele chicken picken, and fiddle all in one
Creol Girl
Buck Owens meets Bo diddly and beatles
Hi everybody!! The stuff you hear is done in my studio, with me singing and playing all the instruments. I do songwriter demos as well. I live in Nashville Tn. and have worked with many artists. I am now working with Travis Tritt. I Just finished a 10 year stint with Ricky Van Shelton. I produced and cut his upcomming album here in my studio. Hope you enjoy, Thanx for listening....Tigar
Band/artist history
I started playing music when I was 8 years old (1973), 3 months later I won my 1st trophy at a Fiddle contest. Immediately there after I was asked to play Fiddle for Merle Haggard (at 8 years old) and be part of his band (The Strangers). I toured with Merle and the Strangers for 3 years. After Merle I started my own band (The Tigar Bell /Band). My band was together for 14 years. We opened shows for many different artists, Asleep At the Wheel, Liberace, Mel Tillis, The /spinners, Tanya Tucker, The Belamey Brothers, just to name a few. In 1984-1985 my band was the number 1 independent touring band in Canada. We also won the Peoples Choice award and Single of the year for the South West Music Coalition in 1986. Shortly after moving to Nashville in 1993 Ricky Van Shelton offered me a job playing Fiddle and Guitar and Singing Harmony. Since moving to town (Nashville) I have played Fiddle Mandolin, Guitar, Banjo, and Sang Harmony on many sessions. Including Ricky Van Shelton (Love and Honor with Sony Music), the Sound Track for Bay Watch. I was also given the opportunity to Produce Ricky’s new album that will be out in 2005 first of 2006. On Ricky’s new album I am the Producer, Engineer, Arranger, and played all Instruments and Sang all the Harmony. I was signed to Tom Collins Publishing Company for 3 years as a Composer, Producer, and Writer. After working for Tom Collins I went back on the road with Pam Tillis and Collin Ray. I returned to Ricky’s band in 1999. Currently I have been touring with Travis Tritt since 2005. When I am not on the road with Travis. I am part of the staff band for the new show called the Nashville Show with Ralf Emery and Shot Gun Red, also I do several dinner shows at the Nashville Night Life Dinner Theater. I am a always working in my 16 track home studio, were I do demos for song writers, and albums for Artist.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, since the age of 8. Love it.
Your musical influences
BRIAN WILSON!!!, Merle haggard, Doug Kershaw, vassare Clemons, Beatles
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Hi Tigar, I first heard of you from a fellow musician who met you when you came to Edmonton with Ricky Van Shelton a few years ago. So I checked out your song Don't Go There, and I love it! If it weren't my bedtime, I would listen to the rest right now. But I will definitely be back another time. If you get a chance to drop by my page, I would like to ask you to take a listen to my song Bring 'Em Back Alive. I have often thought it would be a perfect song for Travis, and I want to see what you think. I've had some airplay overseas and on the Net with it, but I would like to get a song done by someone of his calibre, so it would get played on this side of the world. I figure it can't hurt to give it a serious listen. I wouldn't ask if I didn't believe the song has that kind of potential. Congratulations on the great gigs you have had in your career. Keep up the good work. You are a very talented man. God bless, Stan Anderson
Tigar, Your really an incredible player....As a writer I really appreciate your talent....I couldn't believe how smooth and technical you play ...but hey ...i guess that's why you do it professionally and the rest of us just listen....I've got a song called backroads of my mind that speaks about a fiddle....if I ever get enough money...I know you could lay down a beautiful piece on it...you know ..as soon as you get through playing for TRAVIS TRITT....LOL.....Well I know I'm just dreaming having you play on my song ....but anyway just wanted to compliment your playing........stop by sometime....Greg
hi there was in carlas sc and found you and wow glad i did great sound thanks my friend . anna amrie leaving hot votes and ehllos from kentucky
Hey Tigar,wow ,I stumbled onto your thingy here at sound click.Don't know if you remember me or not ,but in 1986 we met for the 2nd time at a place in Cupertino Ca.,you were working with Bobby Black at a club called the Night Cap on Winchester Blvd.1st time was in Jefferson City Mo. Linclon University,you were 11 working with Haggard,a pkg. show with Freddie Hart & I can't remember who eles was on the show ,a long time ago,Glad to see you're doing well,,email me nck_beers@yahoo.com,lets keep in touch.
Added your songs to my Radio Stations.Enjoyed.Your S.C. Bro.(;Yrral Mallik;)
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