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Southern, Down south, Nas & Outkast mix, Lyrical, Emo, Real, Heartfelt, Global sound,
B-Ez Ft. T'z
Yo it's ya boy 5, i been round the world and back. Everywhere I've gone i've been doing music leaving hot track after hot track in my trail. I've created plenty groups, produced for many, and worked with numorous independant artist. If your open for a collabo, just drop me a line I'm down for anything. Not one of those who's nose is in the air, i think any project has the potential to be great. all it needs is the creative angles, and i have plenty creative juices flowing through me. the more we work together, the more we can accomplish. Nobody in this world got to where they are at by ridin solo. But in the meantime, i'll be doin me as always. I'll never stop carryin the torch for Hip Hop. If ya feel me, then holla at ya boi.
Band/artist history
extensive. lol
Have you performed in front of an audience?
always live, and every moment I'm doin music is special
Your musical influences
I Rap, and I had a producer that used to make my beats back in Tampa, but since I moved I been makin my own. I was influenced by damn near all the underground dirty south rap... but most of my mainstream influence was from triple six, pastor troy, Tim and magoo, twista, Outkast, and a few more of the mainstream dirty south reps.
What equipment do you use?
A Fantom keyboard, computer, XLR mic, Firewire mixer, & Various mastering and editing programs
Anything else?
I'm open to collab wit whoever. Not one of those artist who thinks he's to good to mess wit others for nothin. I love music, I just like makin it, so if you wan do something just holla at me. No hatin from this end. We need to come together to save this industry before it ain't ours no more.
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