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rayzing sons
rayzing sons
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RAYZING SONS, fuses metal and melody for a combo that leaves your kneck in agony!
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Way of the world
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What up, We're RAYZING SONS, an adrenaline charged band strieght outta Los Angeles, CA. RS mixes metal and melody for what we call "METALODY" that give our sound a unique flavor. Our racial make up always throws folks as soon as we step onstage but once the first CHUNK is hit, the headbanging will commence.
Band/artist history
RAYZING SONS is not your average run of the mill ROCK band!! This music is ROCK with a message of LIFE, LOVE, PAIN, FEAR and FREEDOM!! It's positive, motivateing and speaks to the conscious. HOT DAMN!! It has been such a crazy 4 years for RAYZING SONS!! We want to thank all of our loyal fan base from kids to adults that dig our music and it's message. The entertainment industry has suffered great losses (Aalyiah, Lisa "Left eye" Lopes, Jam Master Jay) and just recently the young star of "STEVE HARVEY SHOW" Merlin Santana was gunned down in L.A.! A senseless act of violence that is claiming so many young talented people. RAYZING SONS wishes to make a change for the better in 04', we think the world needs something different and positive to feed off of. Our album will be out soon entitled "THE PROBLEM IS..." and we hope it breeds a change of view amongst the youth of this nation, and eventually the world! "How we got together!" RAYZING SONS was assembled through sheer FATE! Surprisingly, each member indirectly knew each other. Here's how the tangled web formed.....Tearantz & R.V. knew ARMONN from around town who lived around the corner from CHRIS in the bay area. They met SCOTT through a producer and JOE used to play in a old band scott was in. WE ALL MET and started playing together thus RAYZING SONS was born. But a name?! The Story behind the name RAYZING SONS is something best told by Armonn.This band is destined for great things and we feel like we are raising a new consiousness for the worlds youth, your sons, your daughters! It's more of an ideal than a name! We honed our skills at the legendary "Studio 56" in Hollywood while gigging and getting songs together. Soon branching out and playing some of Hollywood's premire spots "KEY CLUB", "VIPER ROOM", "WHISKEY" etc. It was a great way to get the name out there while trying out the stage show on L.A. audiences. Of course the band was BROKE and in need of money so we started doing "battle of the bands" for cash prizes and selling our homemade CD's at shows. Our 1st one was in the bay area and "WE WON"! Got back to L.A. and found another one for KROQ in Glendale....WE WON that one too! We had a lil bit of money but not enough for an album so it was time to start looking for a label deal. You know how that story goes, 1 excuse after another as to why they wouldn't sign us! A little pissed off and discouraged, we went back to creating more and better music. Creating a strong fan base perfecting the stage show. Money is scarce, day jobs were stressful, and the shows were getting redundant. A blessing came in the form of JB3 Management who stepped up to the plate, believed in the act and was willing to put up the money to get RAYZING SONS off the ground. This coming right after an awsome review in Music Connection Magazine, "With a set deep in material that is dramatic and moving, this group is writing at a level few artists acheive." - Bernard Baur Things were starting to happen, JB3 put us on the Freeze Magazine tour in Oct. 02'! It was a success. Nordica Sponsorships, offers to come back and perform in NYC and Pittsburgh, the east coast ate it up! Soon after, it was like a virage of things that hit us. When we got back to L.A., we were surprised to learn that LAVA records was giving us a demo deal.........I don't have to tell ya how that turned out, let's just say we didn't get our deal. Soon followed Warped Tour 03', 2 national commercials for "Titleist" and "Florida citrus orange juice", Buzzz TV and many more! We have just salitified two major clothing sponserships with L.A. based company "WHITEBOY" and San Diego's "NO FRIENDS", all while haveing to manage OURSELVES!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We do play VERY LIVE! We've been detroying stages for 3 years now, and there are still more to go. I think the most special momment for us was a gig on the rooftop of the Glendale Galleria, CA. It was a SEA of kids and all of thier heads were moving UP and Down in the same MOTION, it was biblical!
Your musical influences
Metal, R&B, rock, we're like a linkin meets RAGE at System of a downs house type band.
What equipment do you use?
CArvin, DW, Audio technica
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