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Daniel Ortiz
Daniel Ortiz
44 Tracks
experimental mexican japanese trance psychedelic techtrance drum & bass beat nu electronic techno vibration!
Band/artist history
I've been experimenting with samples, sequencers and lately with MIDI keyboards since 2002 or so, and got a Casio MIDI keyboard in 2004. Couple years later I got a Vestax USB controller which is also for DJing. I've got more USB controllers than actual MIDI devices to make music, but I've had the chance to play more of both. I would recommend Arturia, Korg, Pioneer and M-Audio, I've had their stuff and is very good for production, along with a decent PC or laptop. First time I really got into making music is probably a few years after starting my own music collection, when I was like 15. The first instrument I played properly was a Yamaha recorder in junior high, and got keyboards since I was a kid, but didn't practice with both hands. I studied audio engineering in 2004 for about 2 years but dropped out of it, I wasn't comfortable in that school. Pretty gorgeous and updated hardware and production studios though! Learned a lot from the real deal and true musicians there.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I'm looking for fresh yet "in" ideas in order to start a group/band, in order to get more confident at live acts. I worked with Magnus (Solar Mist), a guy from Norway, in October 2004 and we released "Brazil 6AM". He's a talented guy! I DJ sometimes, either at home for personal pleasure and training the ear, and at parties when friends invite me to play a fresh set according to my music taste. I love to tweak knobs and share experiments!
Your musical influences
GMS, Infected Mushroom, X-Dream, Talamasca, Logic Bomb, Parasense, Bigwigs, Phony Orphants, Reefer Decree, Björk, The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, Underworld, DJ Sasha, Paul Oakenfold, Goldie, Makoto Shimizu, DJ Hive, Akira Yamaoka, J.S. Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, IOSYS... And videogames!
What equipment do you use?
A computer running Windows or MacOS and a copy of the latest Reason or FL Studio, all the USB and MIDI controllers I can, pretty well educated ears/hands/feet/eyes, and shitloads of inspiration and creativity.
Anything else?
If you like my songs, please donate some hardware equipment to me... Just kidding, thank you for listening to my dumb songs and thank you twice for liking.
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