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HEADS BOUNCE, THE MOSH PIT CIRCLES, SCREAMING… and… RELEASE. DOWNSPELL is a ruthless purging of inner demons through musical rage. DOWNSPELL’S heavy groove a
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THE NOISE HEADS BOUNCE, THE MOSH PIT CIRCLES, SCREAMING and RELEASE. DOWNSPELL is a ruthless purging of inner demons through musical rage. DOWNSPELLS heavy groove and rhythmic hooks keeps them from sounding like a typical death metal band, while their speed picking and intense double bass separates DOWNSPELL from your average nu metal band. Relentless dual vocalists drive the music towards a feverish pitch. On stage, DOWNSPELL writhes with adrenaline, sending furious energy to the crowd, who then hurls it back at the band. DOWNSPELLS connection with their audience is where their unique talent truly shines. IN THE BEGINNING The six founding members of DOWNSPELL came together in SITKA, ALASKA, a small fishing village with only 14 miles of paved road and little to do. MIKE (GUITARS), originally from California, met up with ERIC (DRUMS), JAKE (GUITARS), WAYNE (VOCALS), BRAD (VOCALS), and GREG (BASS), in the accidental way that seems unique to small towns. Harsh weather and seasonal work gave DOWNSPELL the opportunity to lock themselves away from outside contact and write their own brand of metal. After 8 months of rehearsing and writing, DOWNSPELL played only three shows in Alaska before deciding to relocate. SAN DIEGO was calling, and DOWNSPELL answered. SD Once in San Diego, DOWNSPELL recorded a 5-song demo and began playing live shows. DOWNSPELL quickly made a name for themselves and began opening for such national acts as Agent Steel, Cage, Prototype, SX10, Deeds of Flesh, Skinless, Cattle Decapitation, Exodus, Dying Fetus, Prong, Asesino, and many more. In early 03, DOWNSPELL recorded their first full-length demo entitled, NO REDEMPTION, which their So-Cal fans eagerly devoured. Multiple tracks from NO REDEMPTION received airplay on ROCK 105.3-FMs ANOTHER STATE of MIND. In October of 03, DOWNSPELL secured a spot on the BANG YER HEAD FESTIVAL with King Diamond, Entombed, and Pissing Razors. In mid 04, a line-up change was necessary. Enter long-time friends, KENNY (BASS) and TYSON (VOCALS), two excellent musicians bringing forth intensity and dynamics. The DOWNSPELL machine grew stronger. CURRENT EVENTS With their fresh line-up and newly evolved sound, DOWNSPELL has just finished recording a full-length album, entitled, AFTERBIRTH at GOLDEN TRACK Recording Studio and is preparing to tour in support of this brutal production. DOWNSPELL is also featured along with Slayer, Lamb of God, Nile, Isis, and others, on XYZ CLOTHING CO.s new extreme skate film, entitled, DECADE of DESTRUCTION, which is currently for sale "online" at www.decadeofdestruction.com. DOWNSPELL will also be on the road in support of XYZ and this video release. DOWNSPELL is currently filming two music videos for the songs "Hatestrain" and "Pogrom" which are both featured on the up-coming album "AFTERBIRTH". DOWNSPELL IS GAINING MOMENTUM PREPARE YOURSELVES!
Band/artist history
See above...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
San Diego is "ground zero", and we're spreading from there...
Your musical influences
HARDCORE... something like "death metal" meets "nu-metal".
What equipment do you use?
Mesa Boogie-Ibanez-Tama-lots of duct tape
Anything else?
SDMusicMatters.com Downspell Lindsay O'Connor Downspell I have often wondered where the hell metal is going to take us in the future. Weve seen handlebar mustaches and leather everything ala Judas Priest, weve seen glints of Metallica morph into slashes of Slayer and on to pierces of Pantera. And in 1999, the genre took us from the mean streets of San Fran, LA and New York, to the cornfields of Iowa in order to find metals newest faces...or masks should I say. Nine gnarly men in prison suits called Slipknot exploded on to the scene, complete with three drummers, a DJ, and a piss off! tude that fueled the angst of pubescent boys and the rage of grown men. They infested their way into the metal scene like maggots meeting the disgust of metal purists and the decay of old school metal. But they also met new metal fans that sought a fresh approach to misanthropic music. Most bands that have evolved out of the masterful mess that Slipknot left behind either rotted out like the carrion of NU-Metals appeal or promoted a unique sound wrought out of the bricks laid by those maniacal Iowans. One such band with a unique sound born of that foundation is our very own Downspell. Downspells jarringly brutal energy is expelled by both boys in trucker hats and long-haired metal men who fuse the gap between metals past and metals future. And the band is one of the best live acts in San Diego, period. They sweat out raw energy with a fierce aggression that remedies the safe angst commercial rock. For however long the bands sets are on a particular night, those moments are pure, unbridled intensity filled with abusive sounds that carry on with relentlessness....and its so good. And this is where the Slipknot reference comes in. Downspell, like their Iowa peers, run on pure aggression on stage, giving the audience a visual overload of hair swinging and sweaty pecs. But Downspell, thankfully, have the chops to sop up the trails of sweat and stage banter they leave behind. And this is where the Slipknot comparison stops. They each master the art of looking mean and playing the hell out of their guitar, or bass, or drum kit, or mic, while gritting their teeth through the punches and pounds of the music. The bands blitz of hostility isnt pubescent boy angst - no Downspells music is the labor of grown men. Their intelligent and experienced viewpoint of the things that piss you off in life, and the music born therein, is the crux of Downspells staying power in both SD and the metal world. So, is Downspell the future of metal? Answer that one for yourself. You can guess where I stand. Downspell has a stockpile of malevolence, kinetic drive, and keen musicianship that will take them far beyond our little paradise town and into the rugged annals of metals most iconic bands.
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