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Denny Mishler
Denny Mishler
5 Tracks
Denny Mishler. Country / Rock Guitarist from Las Vegas, NV.
This Side of Nowhere 177246
Peak in sub-genre #34
A Penny for Jane - Favorite Parade
Peak in sub-genre #27
A Penny for Jane - Run It's Course
Today #95 in Alt Power Pop subgenre
Chad Williams Band - Best Bad Habit
Peak in sub-genre #23
Jeff Fairchild - A Moment of Forever
Peak in sub-genre #57
Denny Mishler is a Country/Rock guitarist and songwriter based in Las Vegas, NV. Mishler grew up in the small town of McGill, NV. After more than 3 years of performing the local bar scene in Ely, NV (beginning at age 15), he recorded his first solo album, 2000s Last Rain, while barely out of high school. His music subsequently received worldwide airplay, and the title track climbed to #3 on the Instrumental Rock charts. Mishler continued to perform live with various bands all over Northern Nevada, winning awards and accolades for his guitar playing. In late 2001, Mishlers album caught the ear of the New York based band, Badwater. After accepting the offer to become their full-time guitarist, he relocated to the East coast. They recorded a full length LP (Rage & Ruin, 2002) and performed throughout New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Mishler decided to leave the project and head to Las Vegas to pursue other opportunities in music. In Las Vegas, Mishler found work as a session guitarist and sideman performing with various bands including , , (featuring Finalist ), (, and the Midnight Idol himself, , . The guitar work of and songwriting talents of Mishler have been heard world wide on radio. His original songs and music have been featured on Television channels such as , , and on movies such as . In February of 2014, Mishler performed with The Garth Guy on National TV on the show . Mishler currently has a full schedule of session work and live performances, both in Las Vegas and touring the world with , and groups like and the Memphis Experience's Tribute to , , 's Tribute to , , , , , the tribute show, and a host of other local and touring shows. Bio excerpts courtesy of Mike Varney (Shrapnel Records) and Guitar Player Magazine.
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