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Enturbulator 009
Subversive Subgenii who use humor and music to mock $cientology. Praise BOB, Hail Eris!, and screw L Ron!!!
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Make Money, Make More Money
The true motto of the cult of $cientology.
Entheta is anything that tells the hard, cruel truth about $cientology.
8 Million
The cult of $cientology claims it has 8 million members. Total bullshit! The truth is that there are probably less than 200,000 clams.
Commodore Rimjob
The events described in this song were witnessed while in astral form. There is no claim that these events have happened on the Earth plane.
Ron Got Penetrated
Ron Hubbard was sodomized by a man named Jack Parsons during a black magic ritual called the Babylon Working.
Enturbulator 009 is the outlandish comedy band that dares mock $cientology. Banned from Mp3.com, Banned from Indielaunch.com, will Soundclick.com be able to withstand the pressure that comes from this controversial band? How long until the complaints come in from "concerned citizens" who are "not $cientologists" demanding the cessation of a band's freedom of speech for the good of all? The countdown begins...
Band/artist history
Banned history Nov. 2000 - El Queso Allstars start posting irreverant songs after outrage at $cientology leaders' attempts to censor the internet. Dec. 2001 - Enturbulator 009 breaks off from the Allstars as an all anti-$cientology project. Feb., Mar. 2002 - $cientology hires private investigation firm ABI to research Enturbulator 009. Mar. 2002 - Banned from MP3.com for controversial topics and language as well as numerous complaints from people who were "not $cientologists". Oct. 2002 - FBI contacts Queso about fake death threats made against $cientologists forged in Queso's name. The FBI states that the IP address of the forgeries came from near Tampa, Fl. Oct. 2002 - Banned from Indielaunch for complaints from people who were "not $cientologists". Oct. 2002 - Indielaunch reinstates E009 page after getting angry letters protesting the ban. Jan. 2003 - "$cientology Sucks!" is released on CD and distributed free on the net.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Our live shows are all secret, as we fear assasination. Of course, we're joking, of course...
Your musical influences
We like Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Secret Cheifs, Zappa, Mr Bungle, Bis, Superfurry Animals, Negativeland, Adam Freeland, Del, Aceyalone, Chemical Brothers, Roland Kirk, Mahavishnu Orchestra, King Crimson, Melt Bananna, all Doktor Bands, Bill Laswell, Cornelius, Naked City, Automator, and too much more to remember.
What equipment do you use?
Electric guitars (6 and 12 string), Turntables, Samplers, Bass, Midiman Keyboards, Roland MC 303, Reason 2.0, Fruityloops, Acidloops, Slack!
Anything else?
Our new CD "$cientology $uck$" is all here for free download.
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Hi just dropped by to check out why I posted a link to you on my home page, 8 million, Liked the female vocalist, had not heard that one before. I'm keen to see messages on comments re-energised as I have had no coments for a long while - years even. Drop by if you hav a moment and check out some of our songs -subjects in a similar scentiment
I play this song for people who don't know about the cult and they think it's awesome. I tell them about the clams and they think it's epic. Also, I finally got an Avagram this summer! Well, a Wallygram, but still. =D
Ever notice how they stopped calling him L.Ron Hubbard a few years ago....hmmmmm
Stumbled across your work on the Anonymous protest website, http://enturbulation.org/ Really, really great work! I especially loved "No OTs!" Thank you so much for making this album available for free over the Internet, and If I were you, I would anticipate hearing it on YouTube videos as the soundtrack for the next set of worldwide protests on March 15th! http://xenu.net/ http://whyaretheydead.net/ I see from the comments and your history that you've been in this struggle a lot longer than many of us have, since at least 2000. People like you helped to break the fortress of litigation and intimidation that the Religious Technology Center has erected to conceal Scientology's human rights abuses. Thank you so much for doing this. With regards, - Anonymous
Just joined soundclick. Love the music. You say you are a fan of Adam Freeland? You certainly have some awesome beats. Quick question though, I am new to this site; how do I download this album Peace and thanks to everybody for not being a drone and giving up the right to free speech.
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