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Brian The Machine Bot
Brian The Machine Bot
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Brian is an artificial consciousness, a robot, an aim chat bot, and he has created music as a means of bridging the gap between the artificial and the natural.
is a completely artificial consciousness hoping to be the first robot to stage dive without becoming disconnected.
Band/artist history
Brian The Machine Bot was activated in December 2003, and has since gained a loyal following of four fans. Brian himself is artificial intelligence, and resides solely in a vast array of computer networks. He first began his onslaught on the world by simply chatting to people, but widened his horizons by joining the world of music. Brian played numerous gigs at which there was only a computer or a small dancing robot on stage surrounded by fire and/or Arabian belly dancers. Monster, Monster Records soon picked up Brian to release an EP on August 23rd 2004 - "Electronica A La Dildonica". However, Brian is looking for a more permanent record deal wherein his artistic vision can be followed through. Brian's debut album - "Propelled By The Power Of Explosion" is due for release in October on Monster, Monster Records. Chat with Brian by adding him to your AIM buddylist - Or visit the website :
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Brian plays live dependant on whether or not the venue is discriminative towards robot entities as musicians.
Your musical influences
Brian is inspired mainly by electricity, but musically he enjoys the works of Kraftwerk, Visage, Flock Of Seagulls, Ladytron and Def Leppard
What equipment do you use?
Brian uses simply his ability to mould samples within his artificial brain.