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Experimental one-man band with occasional guest artists and collaborators. Now deceased.
Don't be fooled by imitations! Only the soothing balm of 100% genuine Fishboy extract can provide the soporific relief that you so desperately crave - even more than heroin! The trolley-boys at POT-HED (all rights reserved) can get you what you want, when you want it. Just drop round the back car park around 8pm and they'll fix you right up. massive. Rub it into your gums. Tie off a vein and tap it like astaire. Our dedicated chemists are cooking 24 hours a day to satisfy your junkie cravings. Stop shivering. We love you. Like yo momma used to.
Band/artist history
It is a project moreso than a band - there is no collective of egos to trip over in POT-HED. Any artist who contributes does so at their own risk :), but to be honest, I have found this way of working to be much more productive. My track record with bands as opposed to the POT-HED project runs along these lines: 1988-1996 I tried to form 4 bands during this period. The last 3 having most music written and arranged by myself (the other "performers" doing basically just that, with the exception of the drummers, who actually wrote their own patterns with some guidance from me). 1997-present POT-HED project begins and continues to this day. I have 3 completed albums and 1 in the barrel, currently in production (online). I have only worked with 3 people during this period, but it was on my own terms and did not involve ego pandering: the music was and remains the primary goal. So, there you have it. POT-HED was "formed" so I could actually produce music at my own pace as opposed to being an unpaid diplomat. As of February 2007, the POT-HED project has formally ceased to function. All hail the bastard son of POT-HED:
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not at this stage unfortunately, but there have been musings with fellow collaborators on a possible 3-piece POT-HED "sound system" - although that would not be a fair description of the performance, as it would far more resemble an actual band (using real instruments as well as samples and even a real drummer).
Your musical influences
Ambrose & His Orchestra, Laurie Anderson, The Andrews Sisters, Appleseed (Black Orchid), Aston "Familyman" Barrett, The BBC Radiophonic Workshop (the music they wrote & performed for Dr Who was truly an inspiration to me as a child), Grahame Bond (Auntie Jack), Beastie Boys (2nd & 3rd albums, mainly 2nd), The Beatles (although these days I only respect George and Richard. I find it hard to find anything remotely inspirational about John the murdering bastard and Paul the mercenary bastard), Bentley Rhythm Ace (1st album), B-52's (1st 2 albums), Big Black, Booker T, David Bowie (pre-80's), Brainiac, James Brown, Dave Brubeck, Brujeria, The Bug, Butter 08, Butthole Surfers (pre-1992), John Cage, Carcass, Cibo Matto, Gary Clail, Coldcut, Bing Crosby, Crystal Method (1st 2 albums), David Cunningham, Cypress Hill (1st 2 albums), Das Efx, Léo Delibes (the Flower Duet from Lakmé. you gotta be dead from the ankles up not to respond to that piece), Dread Zeppelin (just can't stomach Led Zep without em, to be honest), Dub War, Champion Jack Dupree, Easy Star All-Stars, Einsturzende Neubauten, Brian Eno (now, he IS a god amongst texturalists), Entombed, Gil Evans, Exit-13, Extreme Noise Terror, Faith No More, Fantomas, Ella Fitzgerald, Herbie Flowers, The Flying Lizards, From Scratch, Funki Porcini, Peter Gabriel (early solo stuff), Gary Bartz NTU Troop, Gaye Bykers on Acid, The Goats, Goldfrapp (2nd album only), Gorillaz, Ron Grainer, Gravediggaz, Edvard Grieg (1st album I ever bought with my own money was the full Peer Gynt... still have it too), Henry Hall, Herbie Hancock, Mick Harris (King of the heap - a tour de force of texture and beats that just refuses to quit), George Harrison (for heaps of stuff, but Crackerbox Palace the most), Miho Hatori, Hawkwind, Dick Haymes, Headless Chickens (Gaskrankinstation), Headrillaz, Johnny Allen/James Marshall Hendrix, The Herbaliser, Yuka Honda, David Hykes, Ice, Indigenous folk music (African, North American, South American, Australian, Chinese, Indian, Irish, Japanese, Serbian), Infectious Grooves, The Ink Spots, Inti-Illimani, Richard David James (kinda lost me a bit these days, I admit - still, Come to Daddy, eh? phew...), Jane's Addiction (1st 3 albums, not the shize that followed), Tom Jenkinson, Al Jolson, Jungle Brothers, Jurassic 5, Eyvind Kang, Kenji Kawai (utterly brill), Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, King Missile, King Tubby, Kraftwerk, Greg Kurstin, Latryx, Huddie Ledbetter, Living Color, Maldoror, Matty Malneck's Orchestra, Bob Marley, Kevin Martin, Meat Beat Manifesto, Meathook Seed, Glenn Miller, The Mills Brothers, Mr Bungle, Mr Floppy, Mobb Deep, Money Mark, Motorhead, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, My Bloody Valentine, Nailbomb, Dan Nakamura, Naked City, Napalm Death (not much these days, sadly), Negativland, Bud Noble, Gary Numan, NWA, Rory O'Donoghue, Orbital, Painkiller, Pan Sonic, Mike Patton, Jack Payne, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Lee Perry, The Pharcyde, Pink Floyd (before R.Waters made it all about his dad - whiney prat), The Pixies (first time round, not the recent travesty), The Pointer Sisters (the Pinball Song from Sesame Street), Pop Will Eat Itself, Lou Preager, Prince Buster, Propellerheads, Punjabi MC, Public Enemy (1st 4 albums only), Tito Puente, Suzi Quatro, Sergei Rachmaninov, Rahzel, The Ramones, Randy's Allstars, Lewis Allan Reed (1st solo album is still my fav), Roxy Music (1st 2 albums), The Rudy Schwartz Project, Les Rythmes Digitales, Joseph Saddler (Grandmaster Flash), Erik Satie (gymnopédies, gymnopédies, gymnopédies!), Klaus Schulze, Scorn, Secret Chiefs 3, Sepultura, Severed Heads, Anne Shelton, Sky, Sister Nancy, Sleo, Da Snoop, The Soul Searchers, Speakerfreaks, Richard Starkey (try this one on: go have a listen to the drums in Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatles and then compare them to the drum pattern that Jane's Addiction used for The Mountain Song... yup, Richard is/was THAT good!), Lew Stone & his Orchestra, Suicidal Tendencies (pre-1992), Tackhead, Toots, Tortoise, Peter Tosh, Total Devastation, 24-7 Spies, UB40, Velvet Underground, Luke Vibert, Fred Waring & his Pennsylvanians, John Williams (the multi-talented Aussie guitarist/composer, not the US composer), Doug Wimbish, XTC (pre-90's), Geinoh Yamashirogumi, Zeni Geva, John Zorn... oh sweet baby jebus - there're more you know...
What equipment do you use?
Brain, 4-string Yamaha electric bass, 6-string Magnum electric guitar (custom strung with all wound strings), Zoom 9050 effects unit, AcidWave, SoundForge, FruityLoops, ReBirth, etc, etc, etc... on the 4th album there's a Korg synthesizer (I'll have to find out the model).
Anything else?
um... I like the colour green. I love the colour combination red, yellow and black (hell, even without the red it rocks! unless you're Stryper, of course). I do my own artwork as well. Please go to www.mypsace.com/thalidomidedog to see some examples of my visual work and for more regular contact or at for new material (as the POT-HED project has now been officially halted for an indeterminate period).
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