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Mikey Dougherty
Mikey Dougherty
6 Tracks
Acoustic driven melodies with realistic lyrics.
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Long Distance
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Dear Jackie
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Self Portrait
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My band. Well, I'm not really a band. Its just me. I write the tunes and record them right here in my apartment. Most of my music is acoustic driven songs based on events and experiences from my life. (now how cliche is that, eh?!?)
Band/artist history
Sometime during middle school, my parents got me a guitar for my birthday. As excited as I was about this, it sat in the closet for quite sometime. Then several months down the road, a few friends of mine and I decided that we should form a band. Our only problem, was that none of us knew how to play any instruments. This obstacle only stood for a short time, as we all began to practice and learn the art of creating music. The guitar became my new obsessionone that stood out and continued to fascinate me throughout my life. Throughout the high school years I experimented with several different bands, styles, and musical arrangements. I soon realized that I had a knack for songwriting. When I arrived at college, my songwriting began to take shape and reach new levels. I considered myself a solo act and began playing locally around the UCF area. As I sharpened my songwriting and playing abilities, I began to learn the art of recording. I produced and recorded my debut release The Summer EP, right in the comfort of my Orlando student affiliated apartment. Im still writing songs, and working on recording a full length album.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live in the Orlando, Florida Area. I love it. I think the most special moment I've had as a performer, was when I saw a girl at a party that was at one of my shows. She had memorized some of my lyrics, and that really touched me.
Your musical influences
I'm a combo of James Taylor, Dashboard Confessional Matt Nathanson, Sublime, and Matchbox 20. I realize that that doesn't make much sense... Download a few tunes and come up with your own idea.
What equipment do you use?
Carlo Robelli 6 String Acoustics Yamaha 12 String Acoutstics Epiphone Alley Kat Electrics Brownsville Acoustic Bass Fender Electric Bass
Anything else?
I really love music. Like...alot. Its sick.
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